Meredith's Leather

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  1. So when I got home last night, I was admiring Meredith a little bit more - I decided to use a little conditioner on the spot on the bottom where I think it looks a little worn (or dull) as well as a few of the creases. We all know that these lotions give your bag a darker look right away but as it dries, it goes away. Well, before the lotion completely dried, I noticed several places on the bag (esp one side/end of the bag) where the leather was "spotted" - As the lotion dried, the bottom corner didn't look any better and the spots didn't go away - I took the bag back in the original lighting I was using when I first got it, and these "spots" are not as evident (that's why I didn't notice them). But in bright light and/or daylight - the spots can definitely been seen.

    I got the bag from linonos - he said that he thinks this is just the natural way of the lambs leather (no one's skin - not even a lamb - is perfect). The bag came directly from Kooba, so it's not a store return and/or display (although he had no idea where the pen marking came from).

    I searched TPF because I remembered some discussion about the Meredith leather - I found this post -
    and realized that her bag looks a lot like mine does (as far as the spotting goes). While Leah viewed this as a "flaw" in the bag, after seeing her pics, I think I have to agree w/linonos that this is just how lambs leather is. I think the imperfections in the lamb's skin doesn't hold the color and/or glazing affect as well as other areas of the skin.

    Since this is my first Kooba bag, I have to ask what you all think of their lambs leather. Has anyone seen this kind of look/affect on other bags? Since this is on the bottom of the bag, it shouldn't affect the overall look too much, but I know it's there and I'm pretty anal when it comes to my bags - I look them over & over and inspect every last inch. I wish it didn't look like this, but I really like the bag & don't want this to ruin it for me. My concern is that w/just a few uses, the rest of the bag will start to look like this.

    here are some pics of the corner I'm referring to - the end of the bag has spots that are exactly like the spots that Leah had on the front side of her bag

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  2. PLEASE! Someone give me some input and/or advice about the leather on the Meredith bag. Being my only Kooba purchase, I don't know much about how this leather wears. I could really use some advice.

  3. I don't know how the leather wears either. There are numerous threads all through this board (search through older threads) that deal with imperfections and even major wear (as in my 4 day old Charlie bag). Lninos delivered the bag to me in perfect shape and for the life of me I don't know how because the bag was significantly marked up and spotted by day 4 (and I treated it kindly). Some of us have come to the conclusion that this Spring Kooba Collection hasn't the best leather. I do have the Elisha though and it is a beauty that wears well.
  4. thanx Lexie. I did search TPF, which is where I found Leah's thread about her gray Meredith. The spotting doesn't bother me so much - I do think that's just how the lambs leather is (and I think this is the "warning" Kooba gives you on the tag) - it's the worn looking spot on the bottom that does bother me. I'm concerned that the more I set the bag down (even tho I NEVER put it on the floor) the more worn down it will get.

    Since Im not that familiar w/Kooba bags, I was just wondering what other bags might be made from this same type of lambs leather and how those bags aged. (then I'll know which bags to search for)

    (I read your post about Charlie and even saw your auction for it - but didn't you say that Kooba told you the Meredith & Charlie were diff types of leather?)
  5. I have not owned the type of leather that your Meredith is made of, but my other 10 Koobas' leather is VERY hard wearing.

    It seems that this year's leathers, even though all are lamb, have a different treatment than previous years, and are prone.

    If you are unhappy still and have the option to return, perhaps that is the answer.

    I am so sorry you are having this experience.
  6. I put some things into the bag last night to give it a "test run" and see how well it carries, looks when its got things in it, etc. and the spotting isn't as evident when the bag is heavier and the leather "stretched" (from having things inside).

    Unfortunately, returning and/or exchanging isn't an option (I got the bag from lninos), so I either keep it or re-sell it. I guess that's the downfall to buying a bag from an independent seller for a discount. I do like it alot though, and I'm hoping that as the leather wears, those spots might lighten up a little. The more I look at it, the more it looks like there's no "glazing" or finish on that spot (on the the bottom) - the rest of the bag (including the areas immediately above and below) has just a little bit of shine or sheen to it, and in that area, the leather's extremely dull and darker. I thought a conditioner would help, but it did nothing. Luckily, the worst part is on the bottom so it's not noticeable when you're carrying the bag.

    It is a great bag - and carries a lot like a Coffer bag (I made that comparison in another thread) - I didn't realize when I first saw the bag that the longer strap was so long - it's definitely meant to be worn cross-body (just like the Coffer). I have a feeling that Kooba was inspired by Miu Miu on this one!
  7. I had bought one Nicole from LNinos that was simply gorgeous but the leather variation was wild. very very wrinklied one one side and smooth on the other. I knew it was like that from pics but didn't know when I got it it would be so extreme. Lninos did take it back from me but said he already contacted Kooba and they would not accept it back because it was natural in variation. He then relisted it and explained the vast difference in leather textures and sold it cheap.

    But you already used your bag so that isn't an option. I had worn like spots on the Charlie disaster but they occured over those 4 days I had it. I have no idea what caused them. I listed my Charlie at 99.00 and I think I got 295. I had numerous pics with circles around all the spots so all bidders knew what they were getting.

    And here is my actual auction. I am amazed it's still up. You can see the pics.
  8. Well, I haven't actually used it yet - it still has the tag on it & all the stuffings in the pocket - I just put some stuff inside to see how it carries (I didn't actually take it anywhere!) - then I took everything out, and very carefully put it back in its sleeper & back in the box that it came in.

    I don't think I'd want to return it anyhow - esp since I think it's a leather variation too (and I wouldn't want to do that on my first purchase from lninos - not after how wonderful he was!!). Esp after seeing the pics that Leah posted (her spots look exactly like mine) It's just too bad that it's so sensitive. It does take away a little bit from the beauty of the bag - it feels so soft and overall looks great. It's just that up close you can see the spots and the bottom looks worn (that's the best way to describe it). But you can tell that it's a variation in the leather/skin and not actual damage to the bag. I'm sure it has to do with the variations in the lamb's skin - let's face it, even us humans have imperfect skin. Can you imagine the skin of animals who roam around int he fields all day?!??!