Mercy Season 1


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Oct 29, 2009
Anyone else follow this new drama? I absolutely adore it and the cast. :yahoo: Even though there are soooo many hospital shows, this one is proving every time that it can hang with the crowd. Bravo just announced that they're showing the first 4 episodes this Saturday at 8 am. I recommend you check it out, I'll be watching it again as my teens never get up before noon. :balloon:

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Dec 4, 2008
I haven't watched it yet, but I was contemplating watching the most recent episode with Elisabeth Moss playing a Leukemia patient. My friend recently passed away from the disease, so I was really wrestling with whether I wanted to watch or not. I opted out, but I always have the option of watching it on Hulu, haha.

I've always been a fan of these medical shows.


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Dec 25, 2008
I love this show. Each episode has gotten better IMO. Elisabeth Moss was wonderful last episode, I adore her! I also loved the Stillers appearance. I love the slightly gritty impressions the show gives of Veronica's family. I hope the storylines begin to pick up outside of each medical case, right now I find them the most interesting.