mercy,help please please....

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  1. OOOh thats an easy one for me. My vote is for the belted ergo in black......So pretty!
  2. I vote for the belted ergo!!!!! It's a GORGEOUS bag....Badkitty posted pics the other day of her khaki/black signature belted ergo...check them out!!!!!
  3. Definately ergo!!!! :yes:
  4. belted ergo gets my vote
  5. Belted Ergo, baby!!!
  6. Another vote for the Belted Ergo. :smile:
  7. ERGO! Definately.
  8. another one for ergo -- i am in LOVE with them! but prolly have to wait for santa... : (
  9. belted ergo!
  10. Definitely the belted ergo!
  11. Yep Ergo!
  12. Since I have a black leather Belted Ergo on order, I pick that one!
  13. I have the bag in the eBay listing you are questioning about and to be honest it is kinda a pain to carry because it is satchel-like. Also, this bag is at the outlets right now going for far cheaper than the listing. Go for the belted ergo.
  14. I am with the crowd here.. definitely belted ergo :tup: