merchant checkout SAFE?

  1. The seller for the item i am bidding on accepts payment from thier own merchant checkout! Is this safe and is this thru eBay?


  2. It's definitely not through eBay since eBay doesn't offer merchant accounts (they're neither a bank nor a financial institution). It could be through PayPal but in that case, the seller simply processes your CC info directly through their PayPal account manually. Another option would be for the seller to have a sort of third party checkout, but that usually goes through PayPal as well, meaning that PayPal is a payment option on the auction.
    Last possibility (for a legitimate seller) is that it's a merchant account with an actual bank--the best way to tell is to look at the seller's size, length of time on eBay, feedback NUMBER and percentage (not just one or the other), and of course: use a card with fraud protection just in case.

    Worst case scenario is actually pretty bad though: if the seller is dishonest, they have your credit card number. :s
  3. Sometimes I get that too but I usually go back to My Ebay Summary and click on the Pay button. Either way the seller will get the money.