Merchandise in the Outlets

  1. Hi Guys,
    what kind of merchandise does Burberry produce especially for their outlets? Is the quality as good as that of the retail goods?
    Regina :confused1:
  2. I believe the items that are carried in the outlet are products that didn't sell in the stores (please feel free to correct me if I am wrong though).

    I've seen some pretty cute sweaters, polos, and coats there. They do sell handbags and wallets there too but I can never find anything that I really like - mostly nylon bags.
  3. my friend just went lots of scarfs for $159 hot pink bright purple and green check. a hugh table of bags. the bags said $650 for $399 tons of pink and blue candy check bags they were very tiny she said. Lots of belts keychains.. Its a very small store in cabazon California
  4. lots of these marked $69 down to $39 then when she paid it was $29
    Oh lots of umbrellas in a flower pattern... I wanted a wallet but she didn't see the one I wanted :O(

    It was funny her daughter was taking cell phone pic's to show me things Im suprised they didn't stop her LOL

    that pic is from eBay the coin pouches had no dustbag at the outlet
  5. I think I remember reading somewhere that some of their merchandise is made specifically for outlets. There is also the sale on their website and I believe they will be sending that over to the outlet soon as well.
  6. Great deals inch!! Did you get them recently?
  7. I got the coin pouch...I don't like having my friend pick up things I would rather go myself..when my friend picks up things she won't let me pay..and she really should..
  8. do they have any of the pink earmuffs in the outlets?
  9. I love the coin purse...I would use it for bank notes as well!
  10. The one closest to us, at Fashion Outlet in Niagara Falls has a lot of candy check bags but I don't remember seeing the earmuffs there..
  11. Inch 37- I got that same deal after Thanksgiving. These coin purses were marked down to get rid of them, but had no dust cover and some has no tags. Still a great deal.

    Ducky112 - the only earmuffs I've seen were last summer, and they were ivory and candy check.

    Regina - I think the quality is fine at the outlet. I've bought tons of things there and never had a problem.
  12. yah I called the one at Fashion Outlets in Niagara Falls today and the lady told me they don`t have any earmuffs at all right now. =(
  13. The outlet specific merchandise includes: sweaters, polos, jackets, button down shirts, wool/cashmere scarves, and bags. Most of the wallets, small leather goods, shoes, ties and belts come directly from boutiques or the online store. I find the the outlet specific merchandise to be of inferior quality because on some of the pieces there are strings hanging, or something is the slightest bit off kilter. You can usually tell by the tags; outlet specific merchandises' tags won't have that Khaki folded tag attached attached by that string lanyard (the price tag is just attached by those plastic things); if it does have the string lanyard, then the tag isn't folded in half or "Burberry" is written all the way across the tag instead of on just one side of the fold.
  14. Thanks, Euroaddict, that is very helpful - I didn't know that about the different tags...
    Regina :tup:
  15. There are fashion outlets near niagara falls that sell burberry?! Is it in the Canadian border or the US border? Thanks! :yahoo: