Merchandise credit burning a hole in my pocket!!

  1. Yesterday I went to the Freeport outlet just to see what they had. Nothing was floating my boat...which was good. I also brought with me, 3 things that I returned and instead of having them put the $$ back on my cards, I asked them to put it all on a merchandise credit for me. That way, if I'm lucky enought to get a PCE invite, I will have those funds for my Lily!!! The grand total of the MC was $912 :yahoo:. So yesterday I am of course very excited and having all kinds of dreamy thoughts of the day that Lily will be mine...


    I wake up this morning and start thinking of all the other stuff I want (specifically Clay Gigi, Daphne bracelet and the new sterling silver bangle bracelet). And I start thinking that I could have all that now instead of having to wait for a couple of more weeks for Lily and the hopes of a PCE invite...So that's the right side of my brain. Then the left side of my brain jumps in and starts that I just need to be patient. Lily might not be around much longer and I need to get her while I can. The other items might be here at Christmas (**crosses fingers**) and then I'll get lots of g/cards that I can use for those. Although I do think I should p/u Daphne sooner rather than later...I don't see that sticking around until Christmas for some reason.

    So what would you all do in my situation??? :crybaby:

    I think I am pretty resigned to waiting for Lily, I just need to stay off and stop looking at pics of Gig and the 2 bracelets.
  2. I say wait. I have gift cards burning a hole in my pocket right now, but I'm trying to wait for something that I can't live without, which I did not see today @ Coach.
  3. I hate coach credits!!! they totally kill me and I have to spend immediately! lol I think if you REALLY want the Lily you should wait.... but that is me. I know how hard it can be to wait though... good luck!! :tup:
  4. wait for the "it" bag, trust me, it's worth it! i know how it's hard to be patient. sometimes i go to coach and see so many things that i want and that i can totally afford at that moment. but they don't make my heart flutter. last may after i finally graduated college and moved back home, i went to the vacaville outlet with my parents. and there...i saw new legacy straw tote. i've never seen one before, except on jessica alba in the celebrity with coach thread. she's gorgeous and i knew that i HAD to have her. i still get chills when i carry her on my arm or shoulder. i love it! she way better than any other summer bag i've ever had.

    now i'm on a hunt for my coach fall and winter bag. so far, nothing's calling out to me. i like the belted ergos, but i think i'll hold out until xmas. maybe something better will come along. so just wait and be patient. wait for you "it" bag that will make your heart flutter everytime you wear it.

    and stop going on the coach website! that's so bad for you! lol! good luck sweetie!
  5. I have a merchandise credit for a large amount as well but nothing is speaking to me right now. I am waiting for the Bleeker Bags to come out and will most likely get one of the duffles in a color such as ink, bottle green, wine or
    tan. Just try and hold out as I know that you will find something as we get more into the fall season. Remember that Coach will be releasing lots more bags.
  6. I probaly would not have made it out of the store with the mercandise credit :graucho:
  7. I, too have a rather large merchandise credit and it is seriously burning a hole in my pocket!!!!! There is only ONE bag that is talking to me right now, the Legacy shoulder bag, and I am DESPERATELY trying to hold off til PCE, but I dont think I can!!!! LOLOL
  8. I have NO merchandise credit EVER!!!! You know what do to, patience is a virtue, bear up under the pressure, HOLD out for what you really want. Sometime a lot of little things does not add up to that "ultimate" piece! Having the 'right' thing is better than having everything and not using it all. Sometimes I think we buy things and hold it knowing we are not committed to it! But we can say, ya, I had that for a minute!:yes:
  9. I ended up taking Lily back to the store the other day. I had to return it. It was so heavy, and with all my stuff in it that slouchy shape that I loved disappeared. With all of that, I just couldn't justify keeping it. And you know, I thought I'd have a minor panic attack afterward, second guessing myself but I haven't thought about it again since.

    You should probably wait for Lily so you can try it for yourself. If it doesn't work out, you can most likely still get the other stuff later.
  10. I just checked the website and whiskey is out of stock until 9/10...which is sort of good least it won't run out between now and PCE. I think I am going to wait. I don't mind that boxy shape so I should like it, but it not, I can return it.

    So...what will you be getting place of Lily? :graucho:
  11. ITA with all other posters. I would wait. With that amount, if you don't like Lily, at least you have the PCE discount to get all other beautiful items like necklace, bangle, etc.
  12. Thank you all for your very smart advice! I totally agree with you all and will definately be waiting! Lily in whiskey is out of stock until 9/10...hopefully it won't be any longer than that so I can get the PCE discount (if there is a PCE).
  13. I'd wait. Put that credit to good use getting the one you realy want.
  14. Something Chanel. Unfortunately I have been bitten by the Chanel bug BIG TIME. So the money will probably be going towards a black jumbo flap. :heart:
  15. I was at the Freeport outlet on Friday and picked up an apple keychain and a Legacy Top Zip in khaki/black!:yes:
    Can't wait to see what you get!:tup: