Merchandise at gucci outlet Palm Springs

  1. Hi guys. What exactly does the Gucci outlet sell in Palm Springs ? And what are the prices like ? Does anyone know? Going there in March and can't wait. Hard to find great purses here . Lisa
  2. Try posting this in the gucci forum, you'll get more responses.
  3. moving to Gucci . . .
  4. I went there around spring break last year and they didnt really have much. Some runway pieces here and there, a couple monogram pieces, and some accessories. Of course there's also watches, jewelry, and RTW.

    The prices are not great. For the monogram pieces, they were about ~30% off retail
  5. Thanks for the replies.
  6. i was there this last summer, early august.

    there were a bunch of the more rare, runway bags on display (prices i didnt check), but there was a huge table full of smaller guccissima small lthr goods, as well as regular monogram fabric and whatnot, all for relatively cheap.

    the RTW was also sorta hit or miss, there were several nice pieces (although i was only looking for men's).