Mercer Satchel Whereabouts?

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  1. I really like the mercer satchel and have been looking around online for one....but I can't find any. I would love to get a discounted price on this one. Has anyone seen them around lately?

  2. Thanks tadepole!! I did see this one, but I was not crazy about the color. I was really hoping for a whiskey/maple color, ya know to match my new ZC!! Maybe I will just have to wait it out.
  3. [​IMG]Not sure if this is close enough but NMLC in San Marcos has this bag available as of this afternoon for 735.00
  4. phone #512-395-8810
  5. WOW!! thanks so you happen to know what color it was?
  6. they just caled it light brown and the above is the pic they emailed me. Good luck
  7. love the green one at saks
    forgot how pretty this one is!
  8. ^ uh oh! that sounds like trouble... ;)
  9. ^ is a GREAT spring color :tup:
  10. sorry...I can't see the pic :confused1:
  11. sorry try this

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