Mercedes GLK - 2009

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  1. I know there have been so many car threads lately... but I just couldn't help it. A friend of mine knew that starting this May I am going to start looking for a new vehicle. My BMW is currently on a lease and I knew I wasn't going to buy it out... with my career and everything, it's just better for me to lease my cars anyways. But, considering that I am looking at buying a condo in the next few weeks and I'm not sure where life may take me... I decided that I may want a compact SUV and possibly to buy this time. My friend, he sent me a picture of the new Mercedes GLK... and I am absolutely IN LOVE.


    I just did a calculation on a lease option and it is very compariable to what I am paying right now with my 3 series... They say they're coming to Canada in early 2009 but I wonder when!
  2. Is this the one that was in the Sex and the City movie? I told dh that is the car Im getting as soon as my lease is up!
  3. YES IT IS!!! Beautiful isn't it? I don't know... I use to be a BMW girl, but I might've just converted. I honestly, cannot wait to take it for a test drive. LOL
  4. From the commercial that I saw for it the other night, it seems like it'll be very reasonably priced - it said it started in the low 30's, and that's not quite what I paid for my 4Runner in 2004 (admittedly, my 4Runner has lots of options added). I think that's an excellent price point.
  5. I like it!
  6. I think it starts at $33000, really a bargain if you ask me, when i was looking at the x3 it was like $40000 for a base model with tinted windows
  7. I agree. And the 4matic option starts at 41,000 (I can only build a 4matic online right now).

    But if this really does start in low 30's that is cheaper than my car right now! And I have a sedan! And for options, I'd probably only look at getting a premium package 3200ish(automatic, sunroof, etc) and a navigation package which is usually around 1300ish. So this could easily go for under 40k and still cheaper than my car.

    I'm really really excited about this.
  8. is that CA prices? im looking now and its only $35000 for the 4matic in the US
  9. I love this! My hubby and I are looking into buying this!
  10. That is one d@mn good looking car ... but I'll keep on resisting even though my car is almost 9 years old because it's paid off ... I like having no car expense and I guess that means more money for bags and other goodies!
  11. i was super excited at the prospect of a $33k mercedes SUV since i was eyeing the m class for the longest time. but when i saw the pictures, it kind of reminded me of a station wagon *sigh*

    a mercedes dealership is going to open up here soon. i hope seeing it IRL will make me change my mind.
  12. That car is gorgeous!
  13. WOW - that is super cheap!! I could have sworn this guy I briefly met in the lower mainland had one of those...are you sure they're not in Canada yet? Post pics when you get one!! I probably won't buy something for another couple of years or so...but you may have swayed this porsche girl :drool:
  14. I guess I'm the only one who thinks it looks like a Toyota Highlander?? Especially from the back.
  15. ^kind of:P

    But it's still pretty!