Mercedes Benz ML? What do you think?

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  1. I am thinking of getting a new luxury SUV and having a hard time choosing. I've had 2 Lexus RX350's and want something different. I really need keyless start too, which limits my options. I am thinking of getting the Mercedes Benz ML350. Does anyone have one? Has anyone ordered a MB before, do you pay list? I also considered the BMW X5, but the ride is a bit rough. Any opinions or suggestions? I don't want another Japanese vehicle since me and my hubby are both tall and it is a tighter fit in an acura or lexus.
  2. I have an ML 550. Before that I had an ML500. It's the perfect car for me b/c I feel safe and it's big enough for my three dogs and me.

    In the ML 550 which I got in December I have the keyless-go. It really is convenient and I recommend it.
  3. Have you had problems with your MLs? I read the kbb repair stats and mechanically they are below average, but then I read the actual consumers reviews and they are excellent. Its confusing.
  4. We had the ML 350 (I think, I can't remember exactly now since it was my BF's car and it was a while ago) maybe 7-8 years ago, when they first came out. It is a nice SUV, but just didn't seem super-luxurious on the inside. Maybe that has changed? We now have an Audi Q7 and I really like that car a lot; you could consider that if you prefer a German car.
  5. I bought an ML55 AMG in 2000, and the car was the biggest lemon ever. I can't tell you how much I paid for monthly repairs. I asked a good friend, who is also a salesman, he told me that that particular model was problematic, and now they don't even make them anymore. That being said, I loved how it drove and I love the luxurious interior of the newer models. I currently have a Lexus SC430 and am really considering trading it in for an ML350 or 550. I have been assured by a salesman that I trust that they have fixed the kinks, so I want to give them another chance. I have driven the BMW X5 and it is nice, but not as plush as the Mercedes.
  6. Ohhhhhh! Buy the M class! One time the Mercedes dealer gave me an M for a week while my old car was being fixed, and OMG I loooooved it! I normally hate rental cars, but I didn't want to give it back lol :nuts:
  7. I had an ML and loved it:yes:
    It's a tank, so sturdy and substantial, which is exactly what I wanted as we were pregnant w/ our 1st baby at the time.
    Mercedes in general doesn't feel quite as luxe to me as the Lexus' we've owned, but Merc's are just different that way. . . they aren't Japanese.
    I love them anyhow and I'd buy another in a heartbeat, in fact I'm wanting to get the GL after I'm done w/ what I'm in now - if we can all fit!:P

    As far as maintenance, how long do you keep your cars usually?
    We had our just over 3 yrs and it never saw a shop except for sheduled/rountine maintenance.
  8. I'm hoping to keep it for 3-5 yrs. I kept both Lexus RX's for 3-4 yrs each. I just bought an 08 Lexus IS 250 in November and love the car but its way too small. I'm 5'9, hubby is 6'3, its just not working and the backseat fits nothing. Even a 13 yr old is cramped in my back seat, its crazy. My dog cage doesn't fit, baby seats won't fit. I am supposed to go to the MB dealership Saturday so maybe I'll order it. If I order it Sat, it still won't be here till the end of May, but they don't have any in the country avail with the keyless go and package 2.
  9. I think they're beautiful vehicles! I say go for it!
  10. I think for 3-5 years you won't need to worry about repairs.
  11. I love ours and have been very happy. Knock on wood!
  12. have you considered Porsche Cayenne? my DIL has one and loves it. he considered the BMW x5 as well but didn't like it as much. warning, though - the porsche, while it is a lovely car, gets rather uncomfortable if you're in it for prolonged periods of time. my family went on a road trip in it and after a 4 hour trip everyone was complaining about how much pain they were in.
  13. I'd vote for the X5...only because european cars costs so much to repair. With the X5 you have warranty on the car for 4 yrs/50k miles...which means if anything happens you wont be paying a dime. (Unless its tires...but dont get me started on that)
    My ex had the ML500 or something and I've driven the X5 and I do not like how the ML handles. I feel like i'm in a boat...and it doesnt pick up very fast. I believe the new X5's has that huge sunroof thing - where the sunroof literally is the entire roof of the car. The new X3's have that...i got one for a loaner, when I brought my car in for service, and my mom feel in love with the roof - it has like 3 panels i think.
  14. My husband has the Cayenne and we love his. I know it would cost me an extra $20,000 to get all the same features on the cayenne, so its out of the question for now. But it is a beautiful vehicle.
  15. how is gas consumption?:confused1: gas prices is too high now..:tdown: