Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week LA 07

  1. Does anyone know how I can get into fashion week out here in Los Angeles next month without being apart of press or a designer? Is it possible for regular people to go to these shows?
  2. You would have to know the publicists.
  3. that sucks
  4. serioulsy i work every single mercedes benz fashion week here in LA all you should do if you go to a school is show up and say i want to volunteer and they will have you. Im not working this time because i dont like the designers that much or i have already worked their show. BUT i did get tickets to ED hardy show and Candice HELd because i have connections. Contact me and i can hook you up. I usually just bring my Boyfriend haha he likes it but i am sure a girl would like it more than him.. The free gift bags RULE. I went to SINGLE last time
  5. Man, I would LOVE to go!