Mercedes-Benz... Buy or Lease?

  1. My husband and I went to the dealer yesterday and got some quotes on the E350 and E550 Sedans.

    2007 E350 is around $51K+
    2007 E550 is around $61K+

    Lease w/ A-Plan for 27 months...
    2007 E350 $399 w/ $1194.00 due at signing
    2007 E550 $1180 w/ $1900.00 due at signing

    My husband and I are still debating whether to buy or lease. Which do you think is better?

    Thanks for any advice you can offer. :smile:
  2. W/ a lease they offer free maintenance, yes?

    Are you guys the type that like a new car every 36 mos?

    If so, I'd lease.
  3. Depends on whether you want the car for a long term or short term period...for long term, it's probably cheaper to buy, but if you like to swtich up cars every now and then, I'd say lease.
  4. Buy. I would never lease a car as I believe it's a waste of money. JMHO
  5. ^ITA! Buy! Also depends on how many miles you put on a car. If more than 12-15K/year, definitely do not lease.
  6. I just leased a c230. My best friend is the finance mgr at our local MB dealership, so my transaction was one of no pressure.

    I leased because I like to change cars every 3 years or so and I am a high milage driver. I purchased the additonal miles upfront, which saves money.

    Do you understand the money upfront-where it goes? I paid 2k upfront which went to fees, first payment and to pay down additional monthly payments. The amount you are asking to put down seems extremely low, so you probably aren't paying that much "down" on the car to reduce payments. Your monthly payments are low, so your milage consumption will probably be low as well.

    The general mgr of the dealership also had talked to me at length about the benefits of leasing. Again, these conversations were before I planned to trade. No pressure.

    Service maintenance is not included in a MB lease. If it is included in a lease deal, the lease deal has been padded to absorb the cost, so it really is not an incentive. If you are not going to exhaust the original MB warranty, don't purchase an extended. Don't let them sell you gap insurance. It should be included as well.

    If you buy, miles should be a concern as well. Low miles equals good resale.
  7. Maintenance was included in my lease. DH is a TOTALL haggler, we would've known if it were snuck in:yes:
    Maybe different dealerships offer different incentives.
  8. Oh this is fun! I would lease...if you buy a car every few years then it;s not worth buying it then trying to sell it again or trade in.
  9. If you trade in a car, that gives the dealer another opportunity to "hide" money. If the dealer gives you anything- you have paid for it in some way within the deal.
  10. Is the maintenance you were given the standard warranty? Or does it include service advised every 12k miles?
  11. it incuded everything for the term of the lease. It was great, DH and I fought over who got to go and either pick up a new Merc for the day or hang out in the posh business center/waiting area:lol:
  12. MB stopped offering maintenance such as oil changes with leases and puchases beginning with the 2005 models.
  13. Well, that explains it then! LOL!

    We bought an ML in 2000 and traded it in for a Lexus GX in 2003.
  14. Hey designer307 what is the A plan?