Mercedes Benz and Saks Partner Benefit

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  1. My husband is going to buy the 2007 Mercedes E63 AMG. We checked out the car today and he really likes it. I don't really care about cars, as I hate driveing. So I have no comments on the purchase, as long as he likes it. While we are going home, my husband suddenly remember about the Saks First partner program with Mercedes:

    "When you purchase or lease a select new 2006 or 2007 Mercedes-Benz vehicle, receive a $1,000 Saks Gift Card. "

    I was so excited thinking maybe I can get a new Chanel with $1000 off or FREE Louboutin while my husband can get a new car. Both of us will be happy. Considering the car is a $97,000 vehicle, maybe we can even get 2-3 $1000 gift card!!!

    So when I got home, I immediately check out about the program. To my disappointment,
    "Offer excludes CLS Class, GL-Class, pre-owned, demonstrator, special edition, AMG, European Delivery sales, special order units, MY '07 S-Class and '07 CL-Class vehicles."

    I think this is so not fair. $100,000 can get me 3 C-class and therefore 3 gift cards. But instead I get NOTHING!!! Why would higher end models not qualify for gift card? Does people who can afford more expensive cars not care about $1000?
    Although my husband tried to please me by giving me gift certificate issued from him, still I am not happy.

    Have anyone here ever got the gift card with their mercedes purchase? Any idea why the higher end models excluded??
  2. Maybe they (Saks) think that people who buy higher end cars can afford $1000.00 on their own.:shrugs: I don't know. Just a thought.
  3. it's the principal. . . I completely agree w/ you.

    The bottom line is the bottom line, it shouldn't matter whch model you drive home.

    We feel this a lot :sad:
  4. Aww.. what a bummer !

    On the other hand, your husband has excellent taste in cars ! ;)
  5. All I got when I bought my Mercedes was a tshirt and mug! They also sent me this long, slim leather card holder in the mail. None of which I know where they are. It really sucks that yours doesn't qualify for the Saks gift card. Maybe they'll hook you up with the fancy things I received! ;)
  6. ^I didn't even get that w/ my Mercedes! LOL!
    I did ask for a keychain though! LOL!

    I'm serious!
    Same w/ Lexus, I didn't get a darned thing :sad:
  7. When I bought my car (last year), I received a Saks gift card in the mail from Mercedes but it was only $75.00. Then again it was a C class. That's crazy that they are not giving you guys anything!! Are you cool with you SA? If you ask and indicate that sale may be dependant upon the gift card, I am sure that they will give it to you. They can afford it!
  8. ^I agree. Ask/demand it. . . the squeaky wheel always gets. . . :yes:
  9. Aw, Hey, that's not fair! I agree with Swanky, you should ask for it!
  10. Ask for it. Maybe they will give you one.

    Your car is probably excluded because it is popular or very limited.
  11. lol! Swanky, you are too freakin' cute!!

    I've never bought a new car for myself, I've always gotten my folks' hand-me-downs. But I don't think they ever got keychains! Dang, shoulda asked...
  12. I think we got a mug and a keychain when we bought the Mercedes amg C32 in 2003. Nothing from E430 back in 2000. My husband purchased from the same sales for more than 10 years. Never heard of the program until awhile ago. This partner program is from Saks Fifth, so anyone who has recently bought a qualifying Mercedes should check out for details.

    My husband is now going to the dealership. He is going to ask them about the giftcard thing. I told him to threaten the sales person that he is going to get the E550 becasue his wife wants the giftcard.
    Just see what is going to happen then.
  13. that's so're buying a $100 000 car the least they could do is give you a $1000 GC, if they won't give you the card then you should totally ask for $1000 off the car. Then convince your husband that you saved him money and he should buy you a purse to show his appreciation. :yes:
  14. Let me tell you if you and your husband put up enough of a fight about a (and I say this lightly) mere 1000 dollar gift card for a 97,000 dollar sale, trust me you will win. It's principle. You have to be ready to walk out that door if they don't give it to you. There are plenty other Mercedez dealers out there.

    When I got my car in December, my mother was ready to walk out when they wouldn't give me my lousy 500 dollar gas card. They were claiming it wasn't included with my car, but we had been there all day and they didn't even offer us something to drink or eat. So we left with the car and the gas card. You have to stick up for yourself!
  15. When I got my BMW I didnt ask for anything but I received a t-shirt, keychain, and mug.:flowers: