Menu Foods Recall - A Healthy Food Resource

  1. With the Menu Foods recall I was wondering what I should be feeding both my Cat and Dog. My dog was prescribed by the vet years ago to eat Nature's Recipe (not produced by Menu Foods) but my cat has been eating Iams hard and soft foods. I know they produced a list of the foods not to use any longer but it covers all the brands I knew! So today I went out to Petco and looked for a brand that I could buy for my cat. I thought this thread could help pet owners what they can feed their animals that isn't just an easy alternative but a healthy alternative as well!

    This is what I am now feeding both my animals (confirmed by our family vet. Loves that she takes personal calls on Sundays! :yes:):

    Nature's Recipe for Cats. Chicken and Meal Rice Recipe. Hard and soft. The soft comes in a variety of flavors. Contains no beef or wheat. No by-products of fillers. No artificial preseratives. Helpds avoid food intolerance. Complete and balanced nutrition. It's a little pricey at $10 for a tiny 4lb bag and $1 per can but it's worth it. Can be purchased at Petco, Pet Supermarket, your local vet, etc.

    Nature's Recipe for Dogs: Same as above. They make the product for Puppies, Seniors, Joints, Healthy Skin, Diet, Easy Digestion, Small & Small Breed, etc.

    If you know of a healthy pet food that can be fed to your animals that is not recalled please list them here. :yes:
  2. My dog's obedience trainer told me to feed them Fromm's 4 Star or Innova. She said Fromm's was the best, so that's what they get now. It is NOT cheap, and is not sold in the major pet stores. A 5 lb bag will run $10-15 depending on the flavor. I found a place in Grayslake IL that sells a 15lb bag, and they charge $20-25 for that, so that is what I have been buying. It still costs less to feed them for a month than we spend on one sushi dinner, and they are certainly worth it.

    I recently purchased a food dehydrator (has not yet arrived) so I can make them some doggie treats. They love the dehydrated sweet potatoes that I buy them, but those are about $10 a bag, and realistically there are about 4 whole sweet potatoes in the sack. I figure the dehydrator will pay for itself in about a year for those, and my dad know a guy in WI who has a farm, and when it is time to off the cows he gives my dad the livers, so I have two that I will dry out and turn into doggie treats as well.
  3. thanks for this idea, i don't know any but we should!!! i need to buy some food for my doggie soon
  4. Much love for Solid Gold. I have both my dogs on it (but different blends), and it's wonderful stuff. Well worth the money!
  5. My chis eat Castor and Pollux dog food...all organic with only human grade ingredients...Love it! :smile:
  6. I've posted a whole long list of food choices in this thread here and a follow up here about some good foods.

    This page has a nice listing of foods and the status of relation to MenuFoods.

    Right now I personally feed Chicken Soup for the Kitten Lover's Soul wet and Purina One dry cat food, I've tried more premium brands of dry food and they seem to give my adult kitty, Bee, awful, erm, bowel problems. I feed Lily, my kitten, wet food because I tried dry kitten food and she ignores it and eats the adult dry food anyway, so I figure with the wet, she is geting some kitten necessities and Bee won't touch it ;)
  7. I feed my dog Merrick's dry food. It is one of the best choices out there they use high grade ingredients plus when you add some warm water to the kibble it turns into gravy so it makes it tastier for doggies.
  8. I second that. It is sold in small pet stores. Well worth it.
  9. I feed my cat ProPlan. Their canned food is not affected by the recall. She has been eating their food for three months and there are no signs or symptoms of kidney failure, she is doing great. I double checked with Petsmart to make sure that ProPlan was not on the recall list.

    For dry food, I am feeding her Science Diet for kittens. I am aware that one of the science diet canned food flavors is on the recall list, but I am sure that the dry food is not contaminated.
  10. I feed Natural Balance Organic. It is sold at Petco.
  11. I feed Grey Wellness Super5Mix dry dog food and Merrick canned food (that stuff looks like human food...even has real chicken wings in it!!) and I feed Cricket Innova Evo dry cat food. Those brands are pretty pricey but hey, if I can spend $1000+ on a bag, I can spend a little bit more money to feed my pets good food.
  12. We feed our dogs Wellness as well - they have a few different varieties depending on your dogs nutritional needs. Ours are on the fish and sweet potato formula (one has allergies) and do great with it.