Menthe or Etoupe in clemence?

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  1. I'm going to add a bolide to my collection. I currently only have B/K in my collection(all neutrals) and I thought it would be nice to add a Bolide. My personal HG is still the Barenia Birkin (*choir singing*), but DH wants to get it for me for a really special occasion(like our anniversary). So that frees up my play money for a Bolide 31! Should I go for a Menthe Bolide or an Etoupe? If I get one in menthe, it will be preowned. If I get it in Etoupe, it will have to be new from a boutique hopefully. I can get the menthe pretty much right away, whereas the etoupe there would be some calling and searching in the boutiques. I would be open to a pop of color, but should I leave the colors for "smaller" purchases like the Pico or SLGs?
  2. Oh my...Menthe for me without a doubt (as long as it is in great condition and as long as you arent still "building a base" with your SA). Menthe is a DREAM color for me.....
  3. I think you should pass on both options and really go for POP!! I'm not a menthe fan but if you LOVE that color, in a bolide, it's minty delicious. How about a classic orange, or red. Most gorgeous bolide I have ever seen in pop color is Electric Blue. How about a new blue? Good luck and what fun!
  4. Considering the rest of your collection are neutrals, is the Bolide a piece where you want to have that pop of colour? I would rather wait to get something I would truly love and use instead of settling for what is available right now.
  5. i vote Etoupe in clemency :smile:
  6. Just between those two colours, definitely Menthe as personally I think Bolide needs to be in a fun colour to make it work for me as it's a plainer bag. But I agree with others, do you like Menthe? If it's what you always wanted then go for it. Otherwise wait for the right "pop" colour to come along. GL!
  7. + 1!!!!!
  8. I would get Bolide in a purple! But between your two choices, I like Menthe. I like Etoupe in Birkin, Kelly, or Evelyne.
  9. There's a Menthe Bolide listed on Fashionphile right now and it's TDF!!!!!!!!!! Def go for Menthe!!!
  10. How often would you be able to incorporate a menthe bag in your day to day? I personally love the colour but with a bag nearly as expensive as a K I would try to choose a colour that would make it a go-to bag, or at least a non-neutral I am absolutely 100% in love with. If money isn't an issue - get them both! ;)

    You can always find etoupe in almost every style - it's the black of H! Etoupe is currently all I'm seeing!

  11. I did like the Menthe color in the bolide. It reminded me of mint chocolate ice cream! But I wouldn't mind other colors that pop, as long as it matched a lot of things in my closet.

  12. This is great advice, thank you! I think Bolide would be a good piece to have a pop of color, I just don't know which ones I should look for.

  13. Yes I saw! :biggrin: I was actually thinking of that one for the menthe bolide :smile:

  14. I'm not sure, I wear a lot of blues, green, pink, burgundy, cream, pink... pretty much anything really! But that's what worries me about Menthe, will I look off wearing it? Does it clash with the outfit? I'm not sure.
  15. I vote for menthe as it jazzes up an otherwise neutral bag family.