Mental Makeovers !

  1. Is there someone in your life you feel needs a makeover ?

    While sitting on a bus or train do you give mental makeovers to strangers ?

    My friend Lisa, now I love her to death !! But !!!..... she still loves to wear Roman sandles with socks .
    I tend to give mental makeovers alot certainly while sitting on a long train ride.

    How about you ?
  2. one thing about going to a big state college with a diverse student body is that there is a ton of great people watching. i give mental makeovers constantly...these girls wear such cheap-looking (and there is a big difference between inexpensive and cheap-looking), ill-fitting, unflattering clothes! and cheap pleather bags...they could do so much better for themselves!
  3. I'm SO incredibly guilty of this ( I actually tried to resolve to STOP doing it!)

    I just see these poor girls wearing the most unflattering clothing! I also go to big state-college and there are TONS of people to watch.

    I think that it's ok to think about how you'd make over another girl, but it's REALLY easy to fall into the trap of "what does that stupid slut think she's wearing, her skirt is TOO short." I talked about how judgemental girls can be in a class last semester, and there was a quote in a Bobbi Brown (make-up artist, not singer) book about looking at other women, and instead of judging them, looking for something about what they've done that you like- and getting inspiration from it. :smile:

    still. I can't help thinking TOTALLY mean thoughts about girls sometimes. eeep, I'm such a mean girl. ;)