Menstrual period - Pale complexion and feeling cold

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  1. I tried to Google the cause of these symptoms, but all that came up were acupuncture sites.

    I know that more common symptoms are cramps, bloating and fatigue, but when I'm on my period, I turn white like a ghost and feel cold all the time. :confused1:

    Does anyone else experience this? I wonder what the cause is?
  2. Are your periods heavy? You may be anemic. Try increasing your intake of iron during your periods--red meat, dark green leafy veg., seafood. Also a quick trip to your OB/GYN to check a hemoglobin wouldn't be out of order.
  3. ^ I was going to suggest something similar:yes:
  4. I'd agree sounds like anemia, but I'm not a Doc so please check it out more
  5. Thanks for the advice! :flowers: I really haven't been eating much red meat at all. I'm going to start now.

    I just assumed my symptoms were normal. My periods aren't too heavy, but during them I get so pale my lips are almost the same color as my face, even after doing a physical activity, like working out (!). Is that unusual?
  6. Yes, that is unusual.
  7. I agree with above comments. Get an H&H and a CBC done. You could have some form of anemia. Better to find out and have things under control. :yes:
  8. A women's multivitamin can also help with your iron.
  9. I agree with a multivitamin. Eat protein.
  10. Yeah, it sounds like you need iron, especially if you are doin vigorous physical activity. Get checked by a doctor!
  11. I would see a doctor for complete blood work. It could be anemia. To me your body is telling you something is wrong. It could be something so simple to fix so why deal with the problem.
  12. Could definitely be anemia, go to your GYN and make sure.
  13. Yes, it could be anemia. A simple bloodtest can tell you if you are anemic or not. If yes, just take iron supplements, but do drink lots of water because iron can cause constipation. I think the reason you get to acupuncture sites when you google your symptoms because in TCM (traditional chinese medicine) these are signs that there is an imbalance in your body. If there is nothing wrong with your blood, then you may have hormonal imbalance.
  14. Second and third this! :yes:

    Get this checked out... they can test your blood levels and make sure everything is ok :yes:
  15. I would get like that at times during my period but it was caused by low blood pressure. I would faint a lot. Please see a doctor!