Men's Weekender - need pics!

  1. It seems that photos of the Men's Weekender are few and far between. The only one I've ever seen is the following from Aloha Rag's "in stock" newsletter (the Men's are on the bottom row). Does anyone have better, more detailed photos? Someone wearing a Men's Weekender would be great!

    BTW, the Men's Weekender is different from the regular Weekender in the following ways:
    * longer handles - 16" handle
    * pewter hardware
    * no mirror

    It also costs approx. $200 more than the regular Weekender.
  2. the no mirror part would kill me ;[
  3. Can a mod please fix my first post to say 16" handle instead of 16" handle drop?? That's a pretty glaring error to have on the main post... :wtf:

    REYNALD0C ... haha, yeah that could be a deal breaker! ;)
  4. I tried on a regular weekender, and it ate me up ;[ I was kinda scared after, its just tooo big for my taste. I would have one just because though ;]
  5. I love my weekender (rouge vif) but I almost NEVER wear it. I think it might be too big to be practical for me, too....but I can't seem to part with it!!!
  6. Ask someone at Maxfield LA to take a photo. They have a few of them in stock last time I checked. They also had messenger styles in stock too.
  7. Liz - are you sure they were MEN's weekenders and not the regular weekenders? If so, what did you think of them? What colors did they have?
  8. I just measured my regular Weekender handles - they are 12" ... so the Men's Weekender handles are 4" longer ... which would be a 2" increase in handle drop, right?
  9. They were definitely Men's because they keep the Men and Women's bag in different part of the store. They had them in brown and grey colors. It's hard to tell exactly what shade since the lighting in there is very dim (part of the atmosphere).

    I thought the Men's looked slightly larger and more business/brief like but that could be due to the color. It was BIG though:nuts:
  10. im pretty sure there is a post of a celeb wearing the black men's weekender
  11. I think that might be the one that was just posted recently ... and we decided was probably fake...:sad:
  12. ohhh, sorry!
  13. ummmmmmmmm i reallly want a balenciaga weekender i think they are very masculine but my brother think it looks gay. and the weekender and the voyager are basicly the same, a man could wear either or ... i really want to see a picture of a dude wearing one thoough
  14. I prefer the women's version; the shorter handles look better. Generally men's bags have the shorter handles, since most men exclusively carry bags by hand (though I do not). Why they even make separate version, I can not understand.
  15. [​IMG]

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