men's weekender have silver hardware?

  1. hi! anyone who have men WE can confirm if they have silver hardware?
    i saw a sapin WE, and i believe it's men's because there's no mirror and i think the handles is a little bit longer.
    but, the hardware is silver.

    i've also seen on diabro site, a black men's WE from 05 or 06 also have silver hardware...

  2. Yes, I was told by an SA at BalNY that Men's Weekenders have silver hardware. The Men's Besace also has silver hardware (I have seen that one in real life) Maybe all Men's styles do?
  3. OMG! i want that men's WE then :drool:

    what do u girls think of sapin?
    i can get this bag brand new with some discount from a friend :drool:

    do u think it would be a better choice than khaki '04? or should i stick with the khaki?
  4. I think Sapin would coordinate better with everything since it is so much darker. Khaki looks like a more "interesting" color, though... hard to say. ;) Also, the longer handles on the Men's Weekender would have me tempted...
  5. oh yes, the longer handles is tempting me more than the colour LOL
    i can wear it comfortably even when it's new and still not stretched yet!

    oh god.... i have 2 bags i really want now, a weekender and an original coco cabas :crybaby:
    just have to figure out how to afford them :p
  6. I LOVE silver hardware and I don't have any bags with it. I think I might be interested in a Men's WE, too! CONGRATS on your great find!
  7. it's still not on my hand yet :p
    but i've been trying to take off my mind from it since i saw it. and i can't LOL...