Men's Weekender - Come in any cool colors?

  1. So far I have only seen the Men's Weekender in Greige and Black.

    Does anyone know if it comes in any other colors? I would go :nuts: if there was a Green Men's Weekender. I have this fantasy of me arriving for my Hong Kong trip in March carrying my Weekender as I get off the plane. Of course all of this is in slow motion and I am having a really good hair day.

    In reality, it will be me and my LV Keepall in a pair of stretchy pants and a hoodie as I have not found a comfortable outfit to wear for a 10+ hour flight.

    I am daydreaming at work....join me!
  2. You could always get the normal Weekender right? The only difference is the additional mirror and longer handles I think...
  3. I thought about that Prada Prince but do you think the longer handles makes the Weekender look more "purse like"? I like the shorter handles as it makes it look more like a overnight bag or large tote than a purse in my opinion. However, I do love the fun colors ...... I am thinking that maybe I will just bite the bullet and RUN to Balenciaga today (I am working in our NYC office this week) at lunch and just buy the Black one if they have it in stock. Of course that means, not eating and potentially doing some sexual favors but the yummy leather is worth it......
  4. ooohhh u go Clake76! report us back :p
  5. I called Balenciaga and I found its BETTER for me to get the Weekender when I am back in California since I won't be charged tax. For a $1500 dollar bag, saving tax adds up to an LV accessory almost PLUS shipping is free.

    Woohoo! I think that will be my next purchase -- I had been saving for a LV Sirius 45 but my BF surprised me for my birthday and bought me a Keepall 55. With that said, I am only like $200 bucks away from the Greige Weekender -- so I think if I save for another month or so, the Weekender will be mine.

    Now here is my question -- I know that people have found BBags on sale -- does the men's stuff go on sale too?
  6. oh clake76 how exciting you get to get a new bag!!! I think the weekender is sooooo perfect for flying. I need one too.
  7. Actually Clake76, the Men's Weekender is the one that comes with the longer handles. That's why I preferred getting the normal Weekender as I didn't want long handles, and plus, why should I pay the same price and not get a mirror along with it?!
  8. I agree with prada prince, go for the normal weekender... i actually find it more masculine as well. the shorter handles force it to be held briefcase style, over the shoulder looks too tote-y.

    plus, if you get the regular weekender youre not limiting yourselve to colors, you pretty much have the entire color collection going back to 2003! definitely wouldnt mind a seafoam weekender myself one of these days...
  9. hahaha I laughed out loud with the "in slow motion/perfect hair day..." haha. I def vote for a regular weekender! In grass green! mmmmmmm, so classy and surprisingly masculine too (IMO)....
  10. ooo grass green weekender...with an all black outfit...that would be soooo striking!...I want one now too...haha
  11. So really -- the Men's has a longer handle? Interesting. Then I have another BBags go on sale? This is the first time I am dealing with the Women's stuff so I am unsure if Balenciaga has seasonal sales to get rid of colors. If so, I am a patient person and can wait if it means saving a couple hundred bucks.
  12. Well, I don't know about the US, but in the UK, I checked with Harrods, Harvey Nichols and Selfridges, and they all told me that the bags themselves don't go on sale, but the accessories do...
  13. i've heard of weekenders going on sale before, shirise in particular i believe. But it was on the s/s 06 colors, maybe f/w06 colors will go on sale? i think the ones on sale were black & cognac, not the colorful colors. if you want a specific color, i'd get it before it's gone.
  14. i think they do go on sale. i remember not too long ago someone posted in Achtung about a black weekender being on sale at DSW in Union square (the ny one) for $999. of course the next day i went to snag it up and the dream was gone. Although they did have other bbags on sale, so im assuming it was indeed there at somepoint.

    if you want to save a little money, of course there's always eBay. ive seen some NICE normal weekenders for 200-400 less than retail on there.