Men's Wedding Bands

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  1. Can anyone help me out, I'm looking for an awesome band for my DH of 21 years. His original turned thin sharp and we have been looking for a replacement. I would love some online sites to drool on. LOL. He wants something in white gold, plat or like metal with or without diamonds. We are flexible on the price. Something simple and elegant. He wears a classic Longines (Bogart) watch. Thanks in advance. Kim
  2. Simple and elegant is how I like to describe my husband's wedding band... with 4 carats of BLING! It's based on the Brad Pitt Damiani design.

    It's amazing how subtle it is, a lot of people do a double take because it just looks like a plain white gold band. It's 18k gold and 4 carats of great quality diamonds. We paid $1350 for it from our jeweler's.

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  3. I purchased this ring for DH 3.5 years ago from

    It's beautiful, light, and the customer service was wonderful. They'll even resize it once at no charge if you need. Unfortunately, DH's fingers swell and shrink at alarming rates, and he's not able to wear rings at all :sad: I even had it engraved, but it just sits in my jewelry box. I should have bought a nice watch and engraved that instead.
  4. Jan
    I love your husbands ring. My DH has one picked out at Borsheims in Omaha but the cost is out of this world and only has three tiny diamonds in it. I'm going to check to see if they have anything like your DH's to show him. Thanks for sharing. Kim
  5. We bought my husband's wedding ring at Jared. It's 14k white gold, and has 1.5 (I think) carats of square cut (man-speak for princess!) diamonds (channel set). I think we paid about $2100 for it. He gets a TON of compliments. Like Jan's husband's ring it doesn't scream "hello, I'm a man wearing diamonds!" but it is very simple and elegant.

    He started out not wanting diamonds, but now he's converted into a total diamond guy. Looking back, I should have let him stay a no-diamonds guy! Instead, I've created a monster. We had rings designed for each other for Christmas - his has a 1.5ct black diamond center stone, and almost 2ct of white diamonds (almost a carat more than mine has!).