men's watch recommendation? Philip Patek or something else?

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  1. One of my male friends is looking for a watch recommendation.

    He works in private equity in London.

    I suggested Philip Patek (if so, which one?), but I'm sure he's open to any suggestion (i.e. other brands).

    What are the popular styles right now? Flashy? Sporty? Conservative? I imagine he would be wearing this watch both to work and out at night.

  2. Oh, yes, I'm sure he's not looking for anything super super expensive. He's not looking for the "best" watch, probably more of an everyday watch.
  3. Jaeger LeCoultre
  4. Panerai
  5. Everyone has a Patek when I worked. I had 2 associates on my desk wearing the 5115R and 5296G and a VP wearing a 5036J. Unless he goes and get a 3939HP or a 5002 Sky Moon or some hot 1950s Patek then everyone in his firm will have one.

    I think it's better to have other brands anyway unless you go above Patek 5070 or 5970 (BTW, these 2 will be seriously hot in 2009 when they will be discontinued) because Patek is actually pretty common in such circles. If I was a private equity guy, I like relatively no names like:

    - H.Moser & Cie Perpetual 1 from William Asprey (not Asprey & Gerrard which is owned by the Brunei prince). I think this is best value for money.
    - F.P.Journe Chronomètre à Résonance or cheaper variants for something edgy.
    - A Breguet in white gold. Don't know his budget so I can't give a model number but I like perpetual calendars with seriously busy dials.
    - Ultimate choice = Philippe Dufour Simplicity or Duality. Pateks is not even 75% close to it and it's the ultimate stealth watch but the snag is even if you have $10 million you are not going to get one because they are all sold out.
  6. Patek Philippe as an everyday watch is fine. You wouldn't want something too ostentatious to wear everyday - get the regular ones!
  7. I've seen a lot of nice Hermes watches lately. They look very casual and classic.
  8. Of course Panerai, the hottest watch for men. Range from $4.8K to $9K. I am sure he will love it. the problem is, their wait list is as long as Hermes birkin. If you are interested, ask the experts at . My hasband is crazy about it.
  9. For an everyday watch I'd suggest something by
    • Breitling
    • Ebel
    • Longines
    • Maurice Lacroix
    • Tag Hueur
    • Tissot
    • Hamilton
    • Philip Stein
    However if he is looking for la crème de la crème, without a doubt I'd suggest Girard- Perregaux.

    Hope this helps!:smile:
  10. Bee Bee,
    I just stumbled upon this thread and my husband has the 5970. He purchased it in Toronto. I have the 4874/1 We are not watch collectors, for the financial appreciation. We just appreciate the beauty of Patek Philippe.
    I love my watch and wish I could wear it more during the day. I posted some time ago in the Hermes forum that my Patek is a quartz movement because some people were criticising quartz. I could have used your expertise verifiying that Patek Philippe does do quartz movement in the very high end.
    Sorry, I made an error,my husband has the 3940.
  11. After working in the trade a number of years,and seeing trends come and go,such as Frank Muller ,THE choice for footballers a while back!! I would recommend as someone previously has,Breguet,a serious watch that only really serious collectors or people in the know would recognise so no danger of it being too commonly seen,some of the Pateks,although the seriously sought after ones usually have a waiting list,the steel Aquanaut on rubber strap,or bracelet was one of these.Possibly due to the fact its rare as its one of the only steel watches Patek produce.Some of the more unusual Jeager Le Coultres are worth a look too.I have to say though being in London you will have a massive number of retailers to choose from,or go on the official web sites and you can narrow down what he likes so you don't spend hours wandering about and getting bombarded with loads of watch styles in one go. Blancpain or Zenith also do fabulous crossover watches that would do casual as well as suited and booted brilliantly,and are exclusive enough not too be too widely seen about.
  12. Raymond Weil and Emporio Armani do some really nice watches that would take a man from day to night.
  13. Haha,I think the lady wanted to know what she could get/recommend not a 10 mill sold out one!!! but definately agree on the Breguet.
  14. Cartier Pasha seatimer ...... I have one and think will look great for men too. It looks sport and not too elegance for everyday use :smile:
  15. Anything Cartier or Rolex.

    That's all.