Mens watch: Chanel J12 or Cartier?

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  1. Hi all,

    I wanted to get some feedback as to which watch I should purchase.
    I am looking at the Black Chanel J12 in the gents size or the Cartier Tank.

    I love everything Chanel so I was immediately attracted to the J12 watches, but as Chanel aren't renowned as a watch maker I'm not sure if they're worth the money considering the Cartier is not much extra..?

    I have attached pictures of both watches, please let me know your personal preference. :yes:

    Picture-3.jpg H0685.jpg
  2. I have the Tank and I think it's a classic for both men and women.

    go for the Tank
  3. Cartier.
  4. Cartier:yes:
  5. yes I like the cartier
  6. Agree with everyone, Cartier.
  7. Definitely CARTIER. They last sooo forever. _ I have one.
  8. I was having the same dilemma with the J12 and Tank. However, J12 seems too trendy and the watch is too overpriced in my opinion. I picked Santos 100 in the end, but Tank is still a beautiful watch (I just prefer alligator strap on the Santos).
  9. Thank you all for your help.

    I agree the J12 is possibly a little too trendy, and that is why I like the Cartier as it is more elegant. There's just something about the shiny Black ceramic that draws me in though.

    I'm going back to look at them both on Friday and will make my decision then.

    Thanks all! :smile:

  10. The Chanel is such a nice looking, sporty watch, I'm really impressed with it.

    The Cartier looks like a Tank Francaise (I have one)... which is a more elegant looking watch, considering it too is a bit sporty.

    It's a hard decision... you probably won't be sorry with the Cartier!
  11. I agree with everyone else... Cartier :biggrin:
  12. Cartier
  13. I agree, Cartier!
  14. Agree, Cartier!
  15. I'd say Cartier but my husband has a black J12 and he loves it! It's sporty and elegant. :shame:
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Not open for further replies.