Men's Wapity CLub

  1. Just thought I would start a little new club. I am very tempted to get the mono wapity to use as a combined camera, iPod case amongst other things.

    So I was wondering how many guys out there have it, and whether its easy to pull off if you are of the male gender.
  2. I'll attach pics later, I'm about to leave the house, but I have a black mc wapity that I use as a camera case but can also fit my ipod and headphones in with my camera, it's such a handy little thing, I love it! (Just look at my avatar) ;)
  3. I have a mono wapity and i love it. I am not one for throwing things in my pockets so i sometimes use it when i go out shopping and throw my cell and cc in it. When i am at functions i use it as a camera case and throw the digi in it. Its an awesome little piece. If you have the confidence you can pull off almost anything, you cant be all sketchy about carrying it, just do it and do it with confidence. You'll be good! Hope you get one! Let us know what you decide!
  4. i'm getting one for my B-day
  5. I also have the black MC one, will have to post pics later
  6. Oo, you just gave me an idea for my camera case. :tup:

  7. I use it all the time.

    Where are all those promised pics???
  8. [​IMG]




  9. ^^
    Wow!! You got a lot of stuff into your Wapity! Congrats!! I have the same Wapity plus the black MC Wapity and love them both!!
  10. gradco seems to fit very well into his WAPPPPPPITY. lol.
  11. Yeah, I do put alot into it :biggrin: . It's just heavy enough to knock the hell out of someone in the parking garage after a shopping trip!


    FASHION WEAPON! lololol!:boxing:
  13. cute
  14. im dying for a black multicolore one!! ahhh!!!
  15. Does it still come in the white or black MC wapity?