Mens' wallets


Working mom of 3
Oct 31, 2007
I apologize ahead of time if this information is somewhere else in the reference section, but I need the expertise of all you H lovers. My DH has been incredibly supportive in helping me obtain my first two (but certainly not last!) great H bags, my first kelly and birkin, in under 2 months. In fact he can now have, to a certain degree, an intelligent conversation about Hermes styles and leather with an SA. So, in trying to thank him for his "wonderfulness", I want to purchase a little something for him.... and at the same time build a long-lasting relationship with my new SA!

My dilemma, as conceited as it sounds, is that whenever I go to an H boutique, I always forego the men's dept. I know they have ties, pocket squares, etc., but do they have wallets for men? Does anyone have any pictures to share? I am looking for a simple small bifold mens wallet... TIA!!


Mar 2, 2007
Yes, they have mens wallets, and a simple bifold is but one of the styles. They also have a "French wallet" meaning that it's longer and taller, almost like an agenda size. They have a larger size maybe about a third larger than a regular mens wallet, and then they have sort of a porte document style, which allows you to carry a passport, tickets, etc., in addition to wallet type stuff. Lastly, there are small billfolds, and tiny credit card holders.

Hope this helps! I'm sure I have missed some styles, and there are things that are available in some places which I have never seen, but these are the ones I've seen as I was looking for a wallet for my own DH. (Didn't find one that worked for him, BTW, as he's super picky :rolleyes: )