Men's wallets


FYI I am a guy
Apr 20, 2006
I need to upgrade my wallet, I got an lv and soon got over it lol then downgraded, now its time for the real deal H of course. I basically want a card holder (with the slots large enough to hold bills folded directly in half) GF has a PM agenda (simple bifold with one hook) and i was quite impressed by it (as well as the price $300 or so) but it only has 2 slots and im not sure if it will fit cash (3 to 4 bills) and my cards, i need room for at least 4 CC's and the odd card that i sometimes need to carry. I also like the look of the bearn CC wallet, but i think the price is out of my budget and it maybe too thick. the whole point of a CC wallet for me is that its thin and reduces bulk. So can people give me a few suggestions and prices if possible TIA.


Mar 17, 2007
Unitef States
There are several threads on wallets. However, there has been no specific information on the nmes of the different styles of men's wallets. I think there is a men's wallet named the "Franklin". I think it retails for around 1200 USD. If someone could post pictures, style names, and prices, I think that would be helpful. I am also interesed in updatin my wallet.