Men's wallets

  1. So, DH's b-day is coming up, and he sorely needs a new wallet. He likes his wallets quite small, so a "credit card holder" or "business card holder" would suffice (something he can carry in his back pocket).

    I was thinking of something like this in boxcalf, perhaps in brown though...

    Does anybody know what current retail is on one of these babies? I live in the sticks, so no boutique nearby, but just wanted a ballpark idea before I start making phone calls.

    Also, if you have any other suggestions on small men's wallets, I'd love to hear 'em.

    Please help in DH's conversion to the H side.:graucho:
  2. Cymbidium, I can't help you re: the cc wallets, but I think DH's wallet was around $1,100 last year. It's pretty trim, but it's a full billfold in Buffle Gala leather.
  3. The mens wallets are nice and we've got them in several different styles. The range anywhere from around 500 for a card case to over 2k for an exotic. I would say a regular bi-fold wallet with like 6 card slots will be about 1100.
  4. Hmm, so men's wallets... is buffalo gala the most common leather? I saw a nice one at my store but wasn't wowed by that leather. Something like Barenia would be nice but just wondering how commonly do men's wallets come in barenia or something like say, like eversoft?
  5. Thanks orchids, mljones, and Serenity Now. I know men's items aren't exactly a hot topic, so thanks for your input.

    Serenity Now, I was wondering the exact same thing about whether men's wallets came in barenia...recent barenia threads have gotten me very curious to see this leather IRL. I would think men would love this leather (didn't they all play cowboys and Indians as kids?).