Men's Wallets in Croc

  1. Does anyone know anything of the sort? What types of men's wallets come in Black Croc? Thanks for all the help! I'll try and post pics of my recent H goodies soon...:yes:
  2. Posh,

    There's one on
    Like I've stated before, It's hard to really grasp what they have: best way is to go into the store and ask.
  3. ...most regular leather billfold wallets come in croc skin as well.

    I recommend you head to the store too, because they will be able to give an up-to-date selection of the current styles.:yes:
  4. we HAD a mat havane croc wallet not too long ago. very sharp looking wallet... if I only had $2400 for a wallet...
  5. Croco doesnt come along that very often, I have this Bean (square Bean) in matt croco in ebene, which I got from Paris Magasin. It's such a piece of work and it aged amazingly beautiful.
  6. So I went in today to talk to my SA and the price will $2175 I believe for a billfold. Now to just save that much for the wallet!!!