Men's wallet

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  1. I wanted to give my BF a wallet but torn between three options, LV, prada and H of course. I'm a H addict and very bias towards whatever product H produced. I know H has a very good quality for Men's wallet, but i feel the style is too plain. While LV and prada have somewhat a 'recognition label' on it.
    Does H only have one type of men's wallet? What do you guys think? I want it to be the best present for him as his master graduation coming soon.
  2. My BF loves H Azap in black color. Bought in Germany 2.5 - 3 years ago and till now it's like new one ))
    It's very spacious - enough to place 1-2 passports, some credit cards and cash inside.

    I think that LV or Prada cannot be better than H ))
  3. I like the MC2 Copernic. This is my partner's walket in orange evercolor. The bright color is enough to make it pop and the design/style is sophisticated. This is perfect for a man who likes to use a wallet.

    I personally prefer a card case as i don't carry cash ever. I use an orange MC2 Darwin in epsom.

    I always prefer H over Prada and LV. LV is so tired .