Mens wallet

  1. I like it, but I know my DH would mock the C's!! Does it come in smooth leather?
  2. I like this wallet too, but my hubby has already told me that if I get him a wallet not not get the C's...
  3. I showed it to my DSO and he didnt like the C's :shame: He does carry a coach wallet though! I bought it for him a year or two ago- its just smooth black leather w/ the little coach name embossed small in the lower corner. Maybe you could find something like that?
  4. My DH won't do the C's either.
  5. my husband has that wallet, except in the smooth black leather (available at the outlets for like, $79), and he loves it!
  6. I'm getting my boyfriend a wallet for christmas, but he said if it has ANY "c's" on it, he would not use it. He really likes the plain leather ones though.
  7. My husband isn't into logos, so I got him a plain leather wallet. I think that it is safer to get a guy a wallet without the Cs.
  8. I just showed this to my husband and was VERY surprised that he LOVED it. He even loved the color!!! So from my household the answer is:tup:
  9. I wish I could show him and ask him but then I dont want to give it away. He has said he would like a Coach wallet. Im just torn because I know he likes sig better than leather in my bags :hysteric:

    Thanks for all your opinions.

  10. You could always get knowing that he would never buy this for himself....then return it he doesn't. That way he can pick out what he wants. My only concern would be this wallet stiff. It has the appearance of being stiffer than traditional coach wallets. So do the women's handbags with the embossed "C"s

    Has anyone felt the leather of the embossed "C"s?
  11. I love that wallet! I used to carry a mens wallet and I'm thinking of going back. They fit in everything an they aren't bulky when you just need to run into a store with just your wallet. My dad however didn't think my whole fashion forward thinking was that great. He told me to get a lady's wallet or people were going to wonder about me. Here's the thing, why would anyone worry about me an my men's wallet when I'm also rocking a 500 handbag? Crazy daddy!

  12. i bought the hamptons embossed hobo during PCE and took it back, the leather is very stiff, and too shiny for me.
  13. I'd go with a plain C's. It's much safer IMO