men's wallet - suggestion? comments?

  1. My bf recently lost his wallet while boarding. (Same day my new phone broke, what a day!) Now he's using an old DKNY wallet his brother got him a few bdays ago, which just won't do. :rolleyes:

    Any suggestions on a cool, functional man's wallet? I'm wanting to splurge a bit for him, and he's letting me pick.
    BTW: He's in his late 20s. Dresses Cali casual. Outdoorsy, athletic. Fashion conscious. A bit artsy:love:

    Here's one that I found that I liked - it looks really young, cute and it's different. A bit pricey... but worth it? What do you think?
    I don't know the brand, but I'm steering away from Coach (already did that) and big obvious logo brands like LV, Gucci, etc. which are FABULOUS (and likely to be pricier).

    Paul Smith - $225
  2. I think LV has many men wallet styles that didn't show their logo. Personally, most of men I know use LV and I think it is the best men wallet.
  3. I'll check it out, but I'm expecting expensive... but it would funny if he got the first LV in our little household - I think I'll be jealous! hehee
  4. :sweatdrop: !

    Paul Smith leather doesn't look good when it is getting old. Easy scratch. That's why I don't like it.

    How about Prada? Both of its leather and fibre canvas are easy to taken care of.

    :sad: I have no idea much but wanna try to help.
  5. I love the LV nomade for men. The color is camel brown which I thought is young and funky.
  6. as an ongoing dooney fan id have to suggest a dooney tri-fold.. its so hot! and great all weather leather... it wont ruin!! check it out!
  7. awww... poo. LV is out of my league. Too bad bc I checked out Eluxury's site and I really liked the Utah line (is that right?). Someday, you will be mine, er... his...

    I like the funkiness of Paul Smith, but I'm sad to hear that the leather doesn't wear well. I'll check out the Dooney site mr dooney. Never thought of Dooney for him. Anymore suggestions?

    If I find something newsworthy, I'll let you know what and how the BF reacted... You have me hooked on the forum! And I love these smileys. :graucho:
  8. Are You Familiar With Ghurka? Great Classics With A Twist...the Leather Is To Die For And Only Improves With Age. My Husband Has Vintage Ghurka Briefcase And Wallet And We Both Love Them. Natural Brown Really Ages Well...i Know They Have A Store In Nyc But I Am Not Sure Where Else You Can Get Them.
  9. never forget coach, they have mens accessories too :yes:
  10. hmmm... i've tried Kenneth Cole and Coach so I'm wanting to experiment a bit... and I'm liking the Ghurka!

    I've decided to wait till I get to Minnesota's Great Mall of America in a week and a half before I order. Figure it will be fun to shop around for one with my man. I wonder if any stores carry them over there. I'm going to check.

    Thanks for all your advice - I love it! :love: