Mens wallet question

  1. This is probably a silly question, but do mens wallets hold up pretty well. My husband's birthday is coming up. I usually get him a wallet every year. Just because he wears them out in a years time. I was thinking about getting him the billfold with the 9 credit card slots. I know it's Louis Vuitton and all. I just wanted to make sure it'd last more than a year. I have the koala wallet, but it's in good shape since it's carried in a purse. Thanks for the any information in advance!
  2. From which line were you planning on getting the wallet from?

    The Billfold with 9 CC slots comes in Taiga ($350) and Monogram Canvas ($290). There is also the Bookfold billfold with 9 CC slots for $425.

    This is a great wallet and should hold up pretty well. ;)
  3. Sorry I was thinking of getting him the monogram canvas wallet.
  4. iv got the mono billfold for myself and it takes so much abuse. i bought my SO a paul smith one and it was ruined within a year so im going to get him a mono one too, or maybe give him mine so i can get something new.
  5. How long have you had yours?
  6. i got it just before christmas and it still looks brand new, really stiff still. i use it every day.
  7. I have a Monogram Canvas Porte Billets Cartes Bleue... it looks just like when I got it two years ago! :tup:
  8. My hubby's LV wallet lasted him 6 years. Only corners worn out a bit.
  9. I have had the same wallet for about a year and a half. It also looks as new as the day I received it. That says a lot, because it's pretty stuffed with cards!
  10. :tup: Great Choice.
  11. My brother's monogram canvas wallet went through the wash and still looks great ! :yes:
  12. Well... let's remember that men sit on their wallet all day every day. It is squashed against their butt all the time! It isn't going to hold up like ours do, but boy do they look CLASSY! Get him one, he will love it!
  13. I love the wallet called, "Pocket Organizer," not only because it comes in so many styles, but it is small and slim enough to fit in one's front pant pocket.

    Not all guys sit on their wallets all day. Besides, it is supposed to be very bad for the back.

    I personally have the "Pocket Organizer Wallet" in:
    • Damier (of course)
    • Mono
    • Mono Matt Grey
    • Epi Black
    • Epi Cannelle
    • Taiga Green
    • Taiga Brown
    • LV Cup 2007
    So fun!

    And forgot: Utah!
  14. The Pocket Organizer is the Men's Wallet that saves the wallet, the back and the butt. It fits in the front pocket . . .


    Here are few to give you an idea:






    All virtually the same size and design . . . and fit for the front pocket.

    Just as an FYI, I have this one below, but do not recommend it for your purpose as a first-wallet:

  15. Heehee, your DH sounds exactly like mine. He used to go thru a wallet every year too, until I got him the Taiga pocket organizer (the ones Rich-Rewards-U posted above). He's had it for 1 year now, and it looks the same as the day I got it for him. My DH never cared for LV, but now he's a fan.

    I highly recommend the Taiga line for men. It's very durable (some tPFers say it wears better than Damier). And it's so classy, understated & masculine.