Men's Vogue article on vintage Hermes at Maxfield in L.A.

  1. Thanks J!!!!!!!!!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this quote from the article:

    "Hermès has the ability of making an object that's totally useless, something you can't live without,"
  2. oh oh oh!!! Maxfield's is like my 2nd home and OMG do i LOVE all their stock of Hermes!!!! The prices are RIDICULOUSLY marked up. to the point of inciting nausea. My SA told me about her a brand new Black Clemence 35cm Birkin with gold hardware like I have now but back then I was still looking and I got so excited I squealed I said, "I'M TAKING IT HOME TODAY!!! and she said, "You sure?? I have to make sure you know it's $19,000" :wtf::wtf::wtf:
    I said "$19,000!??? That's liek teh price of an Ostrich Birkin!! Surely you can give it to me for..ok...even $12,000 is more reasonable although you realize that bag retails for about $4k less than even that!" She shrugged and said it wasn't up to her but the price is firm. Also, prepare to spend around $30,000 for an old beat up travel Birkin that's around 55 or even 60cm. And vintage Kelly's run high too.
  3. Now that's what I call patina on those bags.
  4. the picture is amazing
  5. Unbelievable Patina!
  6. I am drooling over the pictures regardless of the outrageous prices. Loved the quote too HG -- it was the best part of the article.
  7. OMG that picture!!! :drool:
  8. [​IMG]
  9. I can just sniff the leather from here :upsidedown:

  10. *dead*
  11. You're welcome Grand Fonds! I think seeing these pics of the vintage HACs will boosts the sale of the 50cm Travel Birkin to both men and women alike.
  12. I think YOU'RE boosting sales yourself! I have a Visionaire on the way, thanks to you!!!!!!!


    You just can't turn up to the airport carrying a Travel Birkin, carrying an economy ticket and wearing tracksuit pants, though!!! LOL!!
  13. ^ hahaha...
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