Men's Vernis

  1. Are there any colors in vernis that are accepted for a man?
  2. I think the Monogram Mat, which I thought always to be the "male version" of Vuitton Vernis.
  3. For men, I think:

    are fair game. Otherwise I think the other Vernis colors (pomme, rouge, light blue, peppermint, etc.) are too feminine.
  4. mat has become very hard to find and i usually only trust boutiques and elux... no matter how reputable
  5. ummm indigo (which is hard to find nowdays) or noisette, they are both pretty neutral colours.
  6. I think the new Amarante colour is acceptable for men... ok, for brave and full of courage men! I'd loveto have something small in Amarante!!
  7. I think indigo is perfect for men. :yes:
  8. I think beige, indigo, or amarante would be fine. But not in my household, cuz if my hubby got those I'd steal them from him, lol.
  9. I know this has basically been answered, but just giving MY op:

  10. im voting for indigo or amarante!
  11. Amarante, Indigo and Pomme would be good for men.
  12. In person, amarante isn't that great for a comes off as very purple imo. Indigo is most masculine of the vernis.
  13. I have to disagree with John & Pomme.
    Indigo or Amarante for sho.
    I mean, who is to judge you either way?! If it makes you happy, get it!
  14. i'd say indigo is the most masculine.
  15. The glace line would be the closest masculine line.