Men's Tuxedos!


Apr 9, 2006
My fiance and I have started looking at tuxedos for the wedding. Because he's invited to at least 1-2 black tie events a year we've decided to buy one, rather than rent. Anyone have any recommendations? Any particular brands? I saw a nice Armani or two and a Brioni at Saks or Neimans, they were about $2,000 and $5,000 each respectively. He likes a really classic look and fits perfectly into a tall, off-the rack suit pretty much so I'm not sure if we should try and go custom.

I thought that 5k was a bit much, but I don't know I haven't priced these before. I don't suppose this sort of thing ever goes on sale?
Dunhill, very James Bond

Ermenegildo Zegna

I have seen tuxedos go on sale ... but it's really hit or miss. Check out the after Christmas sales.

You should be able to get a nice tuxedo for $2000.... About the same price as a suit.