Men's Totes?

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    i'm a 15 year old boy and i want to buy my first luxury bag-EVER. i was gonna buy Gucci or LV but baby steps, right? i want to know if this tote fits arms, i don't like the straps that much.

    i've searched them but i couldn't find pictures of people carrying it/modeling it. please and thank you. also is the denim version better?


  2. I like the khaki color more... IMHO: The denim version has a bif more of a feminine touch to it?

    I kinda like the khaki version for myself!
  3. hmm. that what i was thinking. thanks anyway, John 5 cheating on LV? hmm. haha.
  4. ^^^ Hee hee hee. There's nothing I want from LV ATM. :sneaky:

    What are your thoughs on this Heritage Stripe Camera bag, only $248?

  5. The camera bag can definately be for mens! Also that magazine tote in khaki ispretty masculine. It can fit over ur arm but its not loose it s more snug than loose!
  6. i like it, but if the swingpack is cheaper, i'd get the swingpacks. hmm, which is bigger? how come i've never seen those camera bags at lemme check. thanks John5. :nogood:
  7. yeah, that's why they have those straps. the other stripe totes are obviously too feminine.
  8. I love the magazine totes! My manager had a large bag like the magazine tote but it was more like a weekend bag. Very cool! I would love to have one for myself.

    John, does your store have any of the heritage items??? We don't have any at all and I am curious if any US stores are going to carry them. Are you working on Friday??? It should be an interesting day!
  9. My store has a few of the orange Heritage Stripe Totes with the pony tail thingys [I call them bandeaus :p]. No camera bags yet though.

    I am working from 2-11 on Friday then 8-5 on Saturday. :crybaby:

    Paolochua: That camera bag isn't on the US Coach site yet... it is on the Japan site though.
  10. i also fell in love with the design of this bag, if they only made it in a magazine tote shape. haah. it's purteeey.

  11. [​IMG]

    I love this bag too!! It comes in other colors too, vermillion and mahogany. I like the yellow best.
  12. mmm i think the khaki color is better for a guy. and it says the handles are only 6inches so unless you have really skinny arms....
  13. i measured my arms they're like 7 inches. too bad. :lol: