Men's Taiga Wallets


Mar 5, 2007
Hey all! I'm hoping someone can help me out with this. I was thinking of getting my dad a Taiga wallet for Father's Day, however my dad is quite picky about his wallets. I was teasing him about getting him an LV wallet (he's not into expensive luxury goods!) and he said if they're anything like your wallet NO THANKS! I have a Mono-wallet and he thinks that the edges are too hard. So I guess my question is are the Taiga wallets very rigid in their construction? Are they uncomfortable to have in your back pocket when you sit down? Basically do they poke really bad in the butt! lol..thanks all


Jun 1, 2007
I have a utah wallet myself and although they can be some of the most expensive mens wallets LV has I love mine...although given the choice again I would not get the one with the zippered coin pouch because I never use coins ...but it was a gift and I cant complain. Utah will compress a little over time and usage so dont be too worried about the thickness of the wallet either... I was also worried about the finish being fragile...I dont abuse mine but its in my pocket every day...and it still looks great...course as with anything your mileage may vary...I dont have any taiga wallets (this is soon to be remedied since I got a new bag) but I hear its really durable...but as I said I honestly havent had problem with the utah..