Men's Sunglasses

  1. I'm trying to find my son (age 16) a pair of sunglasses. He wants the designer logo on the side of the glasses. Or a nice pair of sunglasses with the designer name spelled out on the side. Im having a hard time finding some. Of the ones I find seem feminine. Can you guys please post some pictures of some that may work? Thanks
  2. I suggest going to or and looking at the Prada or Gucci lines -- they tend to have some bolder designs once in a while. They run from $150-$300 without prescriptions.

    And you are a mighty generous parent for getting your teen son expensive frames -- I didn't get my first designer glasses until I was out of college.
  3. I also think that Gucci and Prada (and maybe Dior) are the way to go... they have really cute sunglasses that don't seem feminine at all...
    I agree with Clake76 regarding the places where u might look for them and I also recomend and ;)
  4. Personally, Dior on guys don't look good. I've got a few pairs of sunnies. But i always steer clear of logos. But to each his own.
    Try Dolce&Gabbana- they've got huge sunnies that have the designer name splashed at the sides.
    Gucci has got some as well-I've got 2 pairs- one wrap-arounds that have a monogram web on the sides, but very subtle, and a pair of aviators that have got a tiny Gucci nameplate on the side. very tiny.
    Prada, Versace, Gucci, Dolce&Gabbana are your best bets. Hope this helps.
    Also, you might want to find wrap-arounds, as they flatter lots of face shapes.
  5. Thanks