men's style sweaters and cardigans

  1. okay, so anyone else think men's style sweater's and cardigans are adorable? sort of like the boyfriend wardrobe? now, where can we get such sweaters in our sizes?


  2. Yeah I think they're cute...I really like the striped one from Juicy Couture. I haven't been able to find one though.
  3. I am a knitter so i saw that juicy one too and needed it. Alas they are all sold out EVERY where it seems.. So i may just knit one myself.
  4. If you can provide more info (how old he is, what the occassion is for (job, casual, weekend wear?, his general size, type of crowd he hangs around) it would be more useful.

    If your BF is in his late 20s and on there is no way he'll pull a juicy but if he's in his early 20's then it's ok if you know what i mean.....
  5. btw...cardigans are a very very tricky far the hardest piece to coordinate in a man's wardrobe.

    The slightest mistake and you make yourself look like your grandpa in a polo cardigan.

    On the other hand you can go the opposite way and make yourself look like an English boarding school student.
  6. Jesoon, I think she was referring to the women's line of clothing inspired by menswear. But I do love cardigans on guys! So sexxayyy
  7. Lmao....

  8. :smile: yeah, i was talking about women's sweaters that look like men's sweaters. although, guys in sweaters with an oxford shirt does make me swoon.

    these kind of sweaters sort of go into the "hot librarian" category.

    brooks brothers?
  9. Why not try the junior boy's department? Back when I weighed 96 lbs. (!), I had to wear children's clothing, and frankly, it was a helluva alot cheaper, too! *lol*
  10. I love to steal my 11 yo stepson's hoodies and t-shirts. :upsidedown:
  11. might actually be a good idea. i've never worn boys' clothes. does it feel weird? but it does open a whole new shopping venue...ahhhh
  12. well, some things (like pants) a girl just can't wear because of the cut. But I've always dipped into the boy's dept. for shirts and sweaters and such. Some can be a bit too long or too narrow in the shoulder, but for the most part, I've never had much trouble finding cute and interesting clothing in the boy's section. And I'm a pretty curvy girl! *lol* Never be afraid to explore! I still wear children's shoes, too. A women's size 6, 6 1/2 shoe is equivalent to a 3 1/2, 4 children' for sneakers and kick-around stuff you can get it for half as much in the kid's department.
  13. hey score one for librarians! even though i am female:tup:

    i love this look, plus it just seems so comfy. found some really cute ones in a shop the other day but they just didn't look that flattering on...need to find the right one. but i am browsing the men's dept for my perfect sweater
  14. :tup:I shop in the childrens section all the time and I weigh 135 lbs! Most of the time it's girls size 14/16 but I have some boys polo shirts in 12/14 (I have small boobs) :p
  15. ^Lol yeah! And Old Navy's kid's clothes are cut really large too, I think. I got the most adorable panda tank top from there a couple of years ago and it fits just like a women's small.