Men's stocking stuffer suggestions??

  1. I'm usually good at getting stocking stuffers for the girls...but I'm not sure what to put in my boyfriend's stocking. So far I've gotten him a Vacuvin wine saver, magnets, and some candy.

    Can you provide some good (not so expensive) suggestions for men's stocking stuffers?
  2. Here's a few I thought of they may not work for your BF but they are good for men in general:

    A new razor, my guys always seemed to apreciate a good razor (try Mach III)
    Small bottle of cologne
    Leatherman tool or Swiss Army Knife
    A wallet or money clip
    Gift cards like $5 to Starbucks, or McD's or wherever. I think those are great!
    A Valet Key Chain
    Deck of Cards (Uno if you ask me -- I love that game and I am almost 29!)
    Cuff Links
    Golf Tees
    A Nice Pen
    Something for his desk at work
    New boxers or a t-shirt. Roll 'em up and tie them with a bow...

    That's all I can think of for now.
  3. Hmmm, I have the exact same problem, especially since my BF buys anything he wants.
    How about:
    - iTunes gift card (if he has an Ipod)
    - dvds
    - cds
    - cologne
    - socks?
    - lump of coal?? ;)
  4. Oh and homemade, personalized coupons for a free massage from you, or video game night (with no complaining from you). I know lots of guys who would love that coupon.

    **Not saying you do complain...just an idea.
  5. This year my DH is getting a skull t-shirt, a RC car (only putting the remote in the stocking), and World Series of Poker video game for PS3
  6. Tide to Go (I think I ended up using it)
    Tiny, Little can of WD40
    Burt's Bee's Lip Balm
    Carpenters pencils and sharpener
    Fingernail and toenail clippers (he can never find them)
    Bungee cords and tie downs
    If he's a handy guy, The Home Depot has all kinds of little gadgets at the check outs.
  7. Great for men and women: scratch off lottery tickets. If he wins, tell him he has to split his winnings with you. :p
  8. This is what I'm putting in my BF's Xmas stocking:

    Several packs of Doublemint Gum
    Hair Dye
    Body Wash

  9. I'd buy some nice shaving cream and balm from L'occitaine or aveda. Its something he'd never buy for himself but he will use. The perfect gift.
  10. Cologne
    a nice tie if he has to wear them to work
    Keychain with a picture of you and him
  11. Sharing what my DH is getting in his Xmas stocking this year:

    -wool scarf
    -mini toiletry set (mini shampoo, body wash and tiny towel for the gym)
    -2 dvds
    - a pizza slicer with Homer Simpson sounds. LOL, I just had to get him that, he loves pizza and the Simpsons :roflmfao:
    -a CD
    -a Queen T-shirt
    -a singing toothbrush :nuts:
    -home made chocolates and cookies, since we are both on a diet and trying to have a healthier christmas

    Ideas I had in the past:
    -Electric razor
    -Funny tie
    -T-shirts with funny quotes
    -Moisturizer. He'd never buy it on his own!
  12. Lots of great ideas! I would add:

    tape measure (kind to go into toolbox, not sewing kind)

    and these little flashlights from Eddie Bauer that have a clip so you can put them on a jacket zipper (or something like this) - my DH was so enamoured of these he bought several - one for himself and some for other geeks he knows.
  13. Men love :
    -tickets to any sports game (football, basketball, baseball), movie theaters
    -gift cards to Bestbuy
    -Nike, sportswear, boxers
    -Golf balls
  14. I usually put:

    Gift Cards - Restaraunt, Best Buy, or the Mall
    Candy of Course :p
  15. $5 GC to favorite fast food restaurants-enough for him to pick up quickly on the go
    Gum, candy, mints
    Mixed CD
    Boxers, undershirts