Men's SS2009 Runway Bags Pricelist

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  1. meet the Naxos Collection, named after an island in Greece:

    Naxos Cabas (white or beige) AU$3,530:


    Naxos Sac Sport (grey or beige) AU$3,970:


    Naxos Messenger (grey or beige) AU$4,420:

  2. Prices look doable, moreso than you and I thought at least. Thinking about getting anything DD?
  3. i don't know. depends on my Graffiti intake :sweatdrop:
  4. AHHH I know! I decided I want the pareo too and a second bag now. I'm really in deep lol. But these guys will be around well after you've recovered from Graffiti!
  5. :faint:
  6. I know this is the man's bag but I really like Naxos Cabas in white

    The price is definitely better than a female runway bag and it is full leather...
  7. Thanks for the prices Mr Duck! ;)

  8. ITA!!!:yes:

  9. im with you. :sweatdrop:
  10. I am not feeling these. They look dull and simple.
  11. This bag is :king::king::king: I want it so badly.
  12. Is this considered beige? It looks like a grey to me. I wonder what it looks like in real life? And I'm particularly interested in the price. I was thinking of getting some Graffiti items, but I didn't really like it when I saw them in the store, so I should have more resources for this line (I did like the pareo, but they only have it in the green)...

  13. im thinking its more taupe or even greige too. but that's what my SA told me.
  14. I like the Sac Sport... a take on a Neo Speedy, but for men. :P

    Thanks for the info, J. :tup:
  15. yes, im really liking the ManSpeedy:


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