Men's Spring 2008 Bags INFO Thread

  1. I realize we don't know much about this season yet, but I figure it's never too early for a reference thread.

    First up is the continuation of last spring's Soana line in the new colors of light grey and chocolate brown. The models (Trotteur, Cabas, and Sac de Sport) are the same as in the Damier Lune collection.
    trot grey 1.jpg trot grey 2.jpg trot grey 3.jpg Cabas grey 1.jpg cabas grey 2.jpg
  2. Continued:
    cabas grey 3.jpg SDS grey.jpg trot brown.jpg cabas brown.jpg SDS brown.jpg
  3. Then we have the structured bags with a zipper running down from the front left handle attachment. The smooth leather is similar or identical to that of the Bequia line and features it's perforated "Louis Vuitton" logo. Colors shown on the runway were black, sky blue, and rust. The models included a vertical tote, a horizontal tote, and a duffle.
    V tote black 3.jpg V black tote 4.jpg V tote black.jpg V tote black 2.jpg H black tote.jpg
  4. Continued:
    duffle black 2.jpg duffle black 1.jpg H tote rust 2.jpg H tote rust 3.jpg H tote rust.jpg
  5. Also shown were two stand-alone bags: a beige Damier tote and a black duffle. The tote is trimmed in dogfish and could be a derivative of the Damier Lune line. The duffle appears (to me at least) to be made of a crinkly patent leather material and is possibly the same design as the duffle shown above.
    V tote blue 2.jpg V tote blue.jpg dogfish tote 1.jpg dogfish tote 2.jpg P Duffle.jpg
  6. thanks for starting this I did feel like I was letting the guys down, the mens bag just don't seem to stick in my head I like the black bequia very sexy and I love the blue colour too.
  7. thank you for starting this thread! it rocks!
  8. i am a guy and need a bag... are these still avaialbe?:confused1:
  9. ^They haven't come out yet but should be available in the next few months.
  10. that is a nice summary. funny, i was supposed to start a thread asking information about the rest of the spring/summer collection after the damier lune came out...perfect timing! thanks!

    hmmmm...maybe if i can't have the damier lune trotteur, i shall have the one in soana???!!? hehehe...
  11. does anyone know if the dogfish trimmed bag will in fact be produced? i love it and hope its not just a runway piece.
  12. I think the bag in the first pic [Trotteur?] might grow on me?
  13. ^ Oh yes it will! :graucho:
  14. Amendment: looks like the brown trotteur shown on the runway was actually a MEGA trotteur :nuts: Oh boy I REALLY want this one.....
  15. Wow - I think I need all of these.. Except maybe the dog fish trimmed bag - It looks great, but I think it is against my good nature.