Men's Spring 2007

  1. Wow i can't believe they already had a show for this... anyways... i like the shapes of alot of the bags... and some of them look like the leather they use for balenciaga bags.... but let me show u all what i like....
    [​IMG]its hard to see the side of the bag... but in the show it has v's in the seam....
    [​IMG]same thing but in a tote style...
    [​IMG]i also like this style... hopefully they will come out with non crappy colors like this one! i also like the cowhide belt!

    [​IMG]what were they thinking?!

    now watch the show so u can really see what they look like
  2. There's a thread about this like three lines down, babe. ;) Personally I don't really care for this show at all, and the bag you hate is the only one I like! To each his own, I suppose.
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