Mens' sizing charts

  1. I really want to get my boy a Tokidoki shirt, but I can't find sizing info for the guys shirts anywhere. Does anyone know where a chart is? Or, can someone with a guys shirt please take a chest measurement for me?
  2. I've got a few toki shirts (thanks to my wife) myself. I tend to go for a more fitted shirt so I got them in a medium. I'm 5' 10", about 170 lbs and wear a 39-40 suit jacket. The medium fits just right. Is this for your son or bf?
  3. It's for my boyfriend :smile: he's about 5'9", 190 lbs. He generally wears a large, but can comfortably wear some mediums and some XLs. Do the shirts run small?
  4. The shirts seem to run pretty avg. actually...not too small or big. My medium "I Love L.A." tee measures 22" from armpit to armpit. It may depend on how he likes his shirts to fit. If he's cool with it fitting just right or fitted somewhat then maybe the Large would work. If he likes his shirts a little baggier then the XL. Just in case though...make sure the place you're buying from has an exchange policy. Good Luck...
  5. Thank you! :biggrin: