Mens Shirts Like Charlie Sheen Wears on 2 1/2 Men ....

  1. Weird question I know!
    But my DH likes the shirts he wears on the show and asked me to buy him some like that ... sooooo, anyone know where do I find those types of shirts?
    Usually my DH wears tees or RL Polos that kind of thing ...
    Thanks everyone!
  2. haha i dont know where you get them but i love how he wears the same kinda clothes all the time.
  3. Me too! It's kind of funny!!

    I wasn't planning on buying DH a LOT of shirts, maybe 2-3 only ... I have looked online but can't seem to find anything :shrugs:
  4. What kinda shirt is it?
  5. You can find nat nast on eBay for fairly reasonable prices. Just make sure they are in fact nat nast. They are beautifully made and look super cool on.
  6. I watch that show almost every night with my DH :smile: I'm not sure what brand those shirts are but I'm pretty sure they are bowling shirts or bowling style shirts.
  7. I found the shirts at great choice and they are individually tailored ! fantastic quality.:yahoo: