Men's scarves on ladies?

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  1. I went to the store today to drool on some scarves...lots of wonderful silks and lovely summer colours but this time it was the MEN's section that catched my eye. I was just staring at those cashmeres! Soo, anyone ladies here using men's scarves or other accessories? How do you rock them? (And, yes I ended up getting one, need to post action pics at some point ;)
  2. Yes. I do.

    Horsepower silk/cotton.

    Wear this to DH track days & auto events

    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1460652574.610867.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1460652631.845709.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1460652667.296432.jpg
  3. I totally approve of silks being unisex. I wear my DH's silks which he has become adept at purchasing by himself. My cool French SA is rather impressed!
  4. I always tend to choose my DF's Bday and, Valentine's and Christmas gifts with me in mind :giggles:
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    I'm often tempted by scarves in the men's department! Which one came home with you? I look forward to seeing your modeling pics! I posted this recently in the cashmere thread. It's my CSGM from the men's collection, from several seasons ago.

    Imprimeur Fou Quadricube - CW22 marine/anthricite/bleu moyen

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  6. I purchased this scarf from the men's department. The Parade, 70cm silk.

  7. Ceci and etoile de mee, you rock!! Here are my very quick action pics

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  8. Another:

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  9. i have a few from the men's too...

    Imprimeur Fou Sequences


  10. Kea

    IMG_20140317_093044 (1).jpg

    Caducee Rock

  11. Chincac, I was so tempted by caducee rock as well! Goes so well with your evelyne :heart:
  12. KellyH, thank you! caducee rock is really soft and easy to wear and match..all the colours are neutral...and you look great with the men's shawl the feminine outfit with a touch of masculinity with the shawl..
  13. a fabulous shawl!

  14. Thank you! You look great with this one too! Thanks for starting this thread!