men's s/s 07 kangaroo sacoche MM in marron

  1. Hi all,

    I saw a post of the caramel sacoche and I wanted to share my pics too of it in marron.

    I thought it would be too small but most of my daily essentials fit well. I thought the GM would be better suited for me since I like big bags but this MM is fabulously working out well! ;) The SA said the GM would be too big for a daily tote. I ordered this by phone so I have never seen it until now. If anyone owns the GM post pics because I want to see it.

    This bag so slick I love it! It's two bags in one and its leather!

    sacoche in relation to.jpg sacoche vs carryall.jpg sacoche vs carryall 2.jpg MM mini me.jpg
  2. Wow, this looks fantastic! Mr D and you have great taste!
  3. Congrats!!!!:drool: :drool:
  4. Very Nice
  5. Congrats .. I adore both colours:heart:
  6. Gorgeous, GORGEOUS bag! Congrats, if you don't mind, I totally forgot, what did this bag retail for?
  7. $2100 for MM $2520 for GM. I splurged on my tax return...oops. Anyway its leather and two bags in one. ;)

    I am considering exchanging for the GM but I hear its too big like 8-9" longer.
  8. Could you post a picture in this thread of you wearing it? I've been curious about this one, but haven't seen it on anyone. Thanks!
  9. Love it
  10. I love it in that color! Congratulations!
  11. Its as big as the FW 06-07 vail blanket or geant cougar bags if you've seen those. I'm about 5'9" so on me it looks like a large laptop bag when empty. I'd love to post pics of me modeling it 4 u but I hate taking pictures of myself.

    The ones on the men's runway show are definitely bigger compared to this MM.

    I think I will exchange it for the GM. I like big bags and since I've gone this far with the splurge I might as well go all out. LOL.

    I hope I can get a GM as fast as I got this one.
  12. I think I would keep the MM as it looks HUGE....I am taller than you and the MM looked big on me. I love this bag:heart:
  13. That looks like a great bag :love:
    ...but...but...kangaroo? :cry:
  14. Sadly a fair amount of kangaroo's end up being roadkill ... I was really shocked when we drove to Alice Springs to see all the poor dead kangaroo's on the road....also it is sold as pet meat here too:yes:
  15. Argh, that's too much for my vegetarian soul...
    (though at least my bags handles are made out of animals, too. :shame:smile: