MEN's RED sole shoes - hunting!

  1. Hey ladys (and gentlemen, if there are any here besides me... lol)!!
    I have this shoe "fetish" and I really LOVE to see women wearing really high heels, especially Louboutins!! There is something about that red sole that drives me crazy! Anyway, I really love the red sole, and I would love to have a pair of red soles.... Men's shoes, that's it. Do you know anything about that? I've searched them on the internet but I can't really find any trendy shoes.. Something like black leather with the gorgeous red sole. I've seen ones like that at Zara, but I would like to know if there is any designer making red sole shoes for men!
    Thank you for reading, and thank you in advance for your answers!! ;)
  2. Not that I've seen - but I've seen some Paul Smith ones with GREEN soles and think that looks amazing
  3. Wow, SFL, you're good!
  4. ^^Hahaha. I didn't say he had to wear them. I just gave an option. I will continue looking then.
  5. Opera pumps are appropriate only for black tie, and then, only if one is adventurous enough to wear .... velvet shoes with bows on them.
  6. Lol!! ;) Thanks for your tips but.... naaah!! lol I guess I would only wear those at the opera..... if it was about Venice, and if I was one of the singers!! lol! It might be a little difficult to find anything! I'll just keep on searching... and seeing your tips!!!
    Thank you all!! You're too cute!!
  7. Maybe you should try calling the CL boutique in NYC and see if they are making anything more standard than those opera pumps?

    Or get some designer shoes and have the soles painted red.
  8. Try Oliver Sweeney- UK based manufacturer - they have red soles !