mens ready to wear???!!?

  1. HOw can I go about buying any of the pieces from the runway...can i call 866vuitton. There is this sweater I love, and I'm nopt going to be in New York untill Novemeber and I'm afraid they wnt carry it anymore....:confused1:
  2. Never done this but I would think if you call the 5th Avenue store maybe they can send it to you. I was inquiring about having my Reporter sent in for heat stamping because the machine in VA was not big enough to do it and 1866 connected me to the NY store so that an associate can help me from there. I would think they would do the same for merchandise.(212) 759-5195. Update us.
  3. I too think it'd be best to contact the 5th Ave. store regularly to see if they have the sweater in and see if they can do charge send. ;)
  4. Is the 5th store the only one that carries Men's ready to wear in the US?
  5. Def. will call once I get paycheck in a few days... I'm not naive im guessing its over $500...But its so fall appropriate and I would love to wear it to the store to make my first wallet and luggage purchase;)
  6. is there a boutique where you are currently? if so, they can order it in for you so you don't have to pay postage or purchase it in the event that its not what you had in mind.
  7. The link won't work. It will always take you to the main homepage.

    Try doing a screen shot. :yes:
  8. Nope... Here's the list of stores in the US that carry RTW:

    Beverly Hills- Rodeo Drive
    Costa Mesa- South Coast Plaza

    Bal Harbor- Main boutique

    Honolulu- Ala Moana Center, Gump's Building

    Chicago- Michigan Avenue

    Las Vegas- Caesar Forum

    New York
    New York- One East, Soho

    Houston- Main boutique