Men's reactions to holding purses


How does your man respond to holding a purse

  1. Sure, no problem!

  2. No way, nuh uh, not going to happen!

  3. Ok, but take it back quickly before someone spots me!

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  1. Just curious how your man reacts when you say to him, "Honey, can you hold my purse for a second?"

    Does he respond to your request without batting an eye, just plain refuse, or (like my significant other) carry it like he might as well be transporting bio-hazardous waste? :blah:

    Share your stories! :lol:
  2. Sure, no problem....and depending on the style of bag, he'll hold it like a hand bag/tote or place it over his shoulder if it's a hobo/shoulder bag. Thus, he doesn't look so awkward!
    The best though, is that he'll actually carry my black Prada nylon backback when we travel. I'm usually the one that hauls the stuff when we're out - and he thinks it's unfair for me to carry it all the time (actually, I don't mind at all)....then he'll take it off me and will adjust the straps and becomes a man-bag!
    Funny thread......though I have to admit, he does look funny w/the vintage 'croc bags:p
  3. my man is super sweet about holding my bags. When we first started dating he wouldn't hold mine if I made him, but now, he knows when to take it from me LOL
  4. I can't answer this question directly, but I se a lot of men carrying (apparantly) their better halves totes, especially among older couples. It's very cute and they seem like perfect gentlemen.
  5. The bf will hold my bag for sure but isn't too comfortable with it. I like to hold my own purse anyway :smile: I was amazed that he uses his Damier Geant messenger quite often since his friends give him a lot of crap about it being a "man bag" :roflmfao:
  6. My DH is happy to help me out but it's pretty pitiful to my bags because he holds them like a football.
  7. My husband always looks panicked when I ask him to hold it. He will but holds it way out in front of him & with the tips of his fingers like its going to bite him or something. If he's in a playful mood, he'll tell me it doesn't match his shoes!! He always wears brown shoes & I'm a black bag girl! :p
  8. My husband doesn't like holding my bags at all. It's better I don't even ask. It would be nice if he wasn't so opposed to the idea. I don't mind....that's just the way it is.
  9. Mine will hold it for a few minutes... like if I'm trying to take off/put on a jacket. He usually won't for more than that. He complains he looks too girly holding my bags. I remind him that I'm right there so many people will probably just assume he's helping me out.
  10. Mine doesn't mind my black Prada nylon small messenger. I'm considering buying him his own because I think he would actually use it.
  11. If I need him to, of course he holds it! He is a very confident man. I find it sexy:p
  12. My hubbie likes to make fun of me when he carries my purse cuz he knows how much I adore all my bags!

    He's just silly when he carries my handbag!
  13. I'm sure mine wouldn't have a problem with it, but I don't think I've ever asked him to. He doesn't really go shopping with me all that much (at least not clothes-shopping)....apparently I told him once that he slowed me down. :amuse:
  14. When we first started dating, I jokingly asked my bf to hold my bag. He set it down in the dirt & grass. Needless to say, I was really pissed. We've actually had a few arguments about this. He said it was unfair for me to have him carry it for no reason. Now, when he sees me busy with my hands or if it's too heavy, he'll carry it for a while. I've come to learn he's very stubborn but eventually counds around.
  15. My boyfriend doesn't mind at all. I usually only ask him if I'm trying on a jacket or taking mine off, going into the bathroom and he is not, or little things like that. He knows how much I spend, and knows I would not set them on the floor. So he respects that. He usually holds in in his hands by the handles and sometimes will throw it on his shoulder, which is really funny. lol.